Canis Island' Official Guide to Filming is not recommended for people under the age of 12

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The animated film “ Canis Island ” directed by Wes Anderson will be officially launched on April 20 at major Chinese cinemas. The film received a 100% recommendation rate for Weibo at the North Film Festival screening, Beijing Premiere, and 12 City Preview. The movie tells the story of a 12-year-old boy going to the trash island to find a dog. The director once again demonstrated his exquisite aesthetic style. While enjoying the visual feast, the audience also expressed that they were touched by the feelings of the young boy and the dog. In order to allow viewers to have a more accurate understanding of the film, the film party today released a video viewing guide.

First, Non-Ionics Animation: It is not recommended to watch people under the age of 12

"Canis Island" is not a regular "funny animation movie." Wes Anderson, a world-renowned master of aesthetics, has a very high degree of artistry. This is the first time his work has been introduced to mainland China. "Canis Island" also embodies Wes Anderson's aesthetics everywhere: exquisite composition and color, restrained expression of lines, unique rhythm of rhythm, full of ingenuity and exquisite details. The high level of aesthetics will make movie fans happy, but it will inevitably make some young people too young. The children with poor viewing experience will experience certain obstacles. Therefore, the film side intimately reminded that this film does not recommend watching children under 12 years of age or viewing friends who have insufficient experience. Of course, these friends may be like many fans, just watching a movie fell in love with this ghost director.

Second, true dog perspective movie: the audience does not understand human lines

At the beginning of the film, there will be special tips. Please pay attention to watching: The human characters in the film can only speak the native language, and all dog breeds will be presented in English. Wes Anderson's work is highly imaginative and has a sense of humour. Canis Island has inherited this style, telling the story from a pure dog perspective, allowing the audience to naturally stand in the dog's perspective and listen to the dogs. Talk and focus on the emotions of the dogs. So please ask the audience not to be confused when the movie is viewed. The Japanese part is not translated or has subtitles in Chinese. This is what the director intends to do. In addition to this amusing set-up, the film is filled with unique styles of cold humor, a few dogs, and few words, which can lead to a whole-hearted smile.

Third, the second brush the ultimate reason: the original and national products have their own exciting

Unlike previous Hollywood movie voices, which are often criticized by viewers, the two versions of Canis Island have been highly recognized by viewers of the audience in advance and become the ultimate reason for the second screening. The movie's original dubbing lineup is an uphill dance, bringing together "Old White" Bryan Cranston , "The Hulk" as Edward Norton , "Sister Elder" Scarlett Johansson , "Jurassic Park" man Jeff Goldblum , "Ghostbusters" "Mr." Bill Murray, Balt Balaban , Tilda Swinton , Harvey Keitel , Greta Gerwig nominated for the Academy Awards Best Director by "The Lady Bird ", and the best Oscar girl ever with " Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri " The protagonist Francis Mike Dormond and other Hollywood coffee. The Mandarin version of the dubbing is no less impressive. It was invited to the audience's favorite voice “ Zhong Yasheng ” champion Zhu Yawen and the Golden Chicken Award Song Jia (actress, born 1980) . It is also amazing.

Fourth, Virgo must-see film: effective cure for severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

If one word is used to describe the visual features of the Wes Anderson movie, it is: Symmetry. The clean, precise five-and-five open screen is undoubtedly the gospel to cure many "obsessive patients" with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The director who cured many Virgos was a Taurus with great artistic taste. Therefore, besides being talked about by people, his paranoid pursuit of art made every character in the film Vivid - only small. The boy Atali has more than thirty faces with different expressions. It is reported that the production of the film lasted two years, and there were only 670 people in the production team. The 240 scenes in the film were produced by Adam Stokhausen, winner of the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. The music section was led by Alexandre Desplat , who had won Oscar's best original music. The introduction of the East Fang Wen elements greatly matched the audience's listening preferences.

Fifth, cat and dog final battle: poke in the cat slave "glass heart"

Cat slave tickets need to be careful! The humorous reminder of the film side should be carefully considered before buying the ticket. Specific reasons do not explain too much because it involves spoilers, but also remind the dog slaves do a good job in secrecy, to avoid the cat slaves "spy" sneak into the theater, to explore the results of this dog and cat final battle.

The movie “Canis Island” will officially land on domestic major theaters on April 20th. The pre-sale of the movie is already hot on the entire network platform. Get a good picture guide and experience the charm of the dog's first dog.

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