Chow yun-fat' makes stall owner laugh as she scatters dog food at the market

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In the last National Day film war, Unparalleled "Outshot all films and rose to one dayChow Yun - fatThe ageless action scenes brought fans back to the golden age of Hong Kong films. It has been reported that Chow yun-fat, as a guest of southeast TV's new season "luyu for a day," talked about life with luyu, and truly experienced the ordinary Chow yun-fat day, took luyu shopping in the vegetable market, and threw dog food on the scene, revealing that she "secretly cheated" in the vegetable market every day.

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Chow yun-fat, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has always lived a simple life, with no famous cars or drivers, and daily bus and subway rides. In the entertainment circle of various fancy cars, diamond rings and luxury houses, such a simple life has become a mystery to netizens. In the program, Chow yun-fat invited lu yu to experience his daily travels. Besides being extremely grounded, he often took photos with fans of passersby to show his intimate feeling. In addition, he invited lu yu to visit the food market with him. Chow yun-fat, who has no celebrity shelf, greeted the food market hawker like an old friend. Chow yun-fat added his own smirk to the news: "she sneaks in the market every day," while the misunderstood woman starts a peddler's joke: "he says you cheat me." Chow yun-fat corrects: "I'm talking about you." Hair sister-in-law shock of, big shout wrong immediately for oneself "exonerate" : "you don't accept my money, don't care my matter". The audience can not help laughing, hair elder brother and hair sister-in-law's good popularity also from this see. Although the couple's daily small joke, but as if at the scene of the big dog food, people envy.

Chow Yun - fat popular entertainment 40 years, in addition to the levels and acting in appearance, and for the interpretation of its business more than ten years like one day insist, in talking about her past by the film and television works, Chow Yun - fat revealing himself paid thousands of dollars a month in his early years, admitted that he had taken in the film, more emotional and responsibility relations, 90% for emotional reasons have to clap, and now is meet their favorite role will try.

It is reported that southeast TV's "luyu has a date of one day" will be in tonight 21:10 warm heart line, straits TV will also broadcast on October 16 at 20:07 PM, please tune in!

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