Zhao xuan's “ordinary glory” : “drunkenness” in the sinister workplace.

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The realistic workplace drama" Ordinary glory "Is now in Shanghai hot shot, strength actor Zhao warmth Surprise cast, recently killed off. Adapted from the 2014 hit Korean drama 미 생 From the beginning of the preparation, the film has attracted great attention. From script polishing to casting, it is highly professional and demanding.

Performance rich reveal workplace sinister

Ordinary glory is about you Mark Chao As wu ke, the manager of an investment company who has not been promoted for ten thousand years Bai Jingting Playing the role of the workplace rookie sun yiqiu experienced a variety of workplace scenarios. In the play, actor Zhao xuan plays jiao yaohua, a good friend ofMark Chaoin college. He is a cultural company boss who is unknown in college but becomes popular after entering the workplace.

The tortuous character experience, the complex character psychology, to the actor's performance foundation is quite a test. Zhao xuan, by virtue of his rich acting experience, has fully figured out the role's mentality from movements to facial expressions. Such a high quality performance will reveal the workplace drama of how the peak duel is expected.

Attitude major & p; & have spent The "drunk" performance was well received

In the process of filming, Zhao xuan andMark Chaoteamed up, and the two of them were very tacit and tacit. Professional and attitudinal actors would always collide with each other to create wonderful drama sparks. In the interview, Zhao xuan revealed that in order to reflect the true drunkenness in the plot and achieve a better shooting effect,Mark Chaoproposed to have a drink before shooting. The two of them hit it off immediately, with serious passion for creation and excellent natural live performance, which also inspired the director's shooting inspiration and won high praise.

Zhao huen has been a actor in the national drama theater. Yang GuiFei Secret History The classic images created in a number of films and TV series have left a deep impression on the audience and are quite popular. Later, Zhao xuan will also be in "live up to the time" and" Icebreaker Let's wait and see how many popular TV series and TV series bring wonderful performances.

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