Swaggie fanny sidney and roy wang jj lin have scored an outstanding achievement in the new song 'nasiona'.

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Star connection aug 28& have spent The new generation rap singer Swaggie Fanny Sidney New single" Nasiona "Went online on August 10, and within a short time after the release of the song, the play volume of each major music platform increased rapidly, ranking at the top of several music lists. Meanwhile,Fanny Sidneywas invited as a guest of the variety show "crazy dressing room". Fanny Sidney's clothes and steady and agile typhoon firmly caught the audience's attention. As soon as the program was broadcast, netizens began to write: "Fanny Sidney music variety show is in full bloom, and the female Rapper is worthy of being the first one.

"Nasiona" sonorous and powerful hit people & NBSP; & have spent Sound source achievement straight climb a great achievement & NBSP; & have spent & have spent& have spent

The song "Nasiona", another major work of SwaggieFanny Sidneyin 2018, has been attracting lots of attention and has been gaining popularity among netizens since its launch. Faced with such a song full of positive energy, fans are looking forward to it. Sure enough, as a rising star in the Chinese music industry,Fanny Sidneydid not disappoint the fans. Her stirring and unwavering singing, she deeply moved the people in the pursuit of dreams to become a phenomenal rap song. Once "Nasiona" was released, it featured prominently on the hard-fought music list, with nearly 100,000 views allowingFanny Sidneyto compete on the major music platforms Roy Wang , JJ Lin , Mao BuYi Waiting for the singer, the strength is not to be underestimated. On the Internet, many comments such as "inspired", "single cycle", "added songs to the list", have been widely heard, and it is believed that this excellent song will become a highlight in Chinese rap history.

SwaggieFanny Sidneyunlocks variety show & NBSP; "Crazy makeup room" shows the glamour of fashion

As the song "Nasiona" continues to grow in popularity, SwaggieFanny Sidneyhas conquered millions of viewers with his outstanding looks and rap prowess.Fanny Sidneywas invited to the show "crazy makeup room" recently. On the day of recording,Fanny Sidneyappeared in a cool hip-hop suit. After the premiere, Fanny Sidney's performance was quite remarkable. After the first round of makeup artists' duel,Fanny Sidneyperformed the original song" Im a singer The catchy lyrics and dynamic melody let the guests can't help but swing up, lit up every nerve of the audience, and set off a screaming hip-hop storm.

In the second round of 15-minute quick makeup competition,Fanny Sidneyperformed in person to achieve a big breakthrough in style, which proved that "women with short hair can also be sexy and lovely". "The fashionista," it said in the comments section, "can be handsome and sexy, and hopefullyFanny Sidneycan come up with a style guide."

Not only that, SwaggieFanny Sidneyrecently responded to the dancing video on his weibo account, leading many to speculate that the Rapper will perform even better in the near future. Now,Fanny Sidneyhas achieved good results in music and variety shows. I hopeFanny Sidneycan bring more surprises to everyone in the future.

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