“On the only side by side with you” perfect ending Ice Variety outfit superb acting praise

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The light-minded romantic drama “ Only by side with you ” was perfected yesterday. As of the close of the show, the entire network’s total broadcast volume reached nearly 5 billion yuan. Not only did the audience score dazzling, but the show also showed China in the drone. The science and technology leader of the industry has been praised by the central media. A good TV production is certainly supported by excellent actors. Ice , who plays the high-level technology company's “Wendi” in the play, must impress everyone. She perfectly explained this role with stylish workplace wear and superb acting. , received extensive attention and praise from the audience.

For the first time to challenge female elites in the workplace

With the hit of "Only by side with you," the "Ice-style" outfit seems to have become a topic for urban women every day. Ice's Wendi is a senior female returnee and technology company's top executive. For a woman in this status, too formal dress will highlight the character, too casual is not mature enough, how to perfect interpretation of the workplace and Fashion can be said to be a test of skill.

The exquisite wear of Ice in the play is a perfect interpretation of this role, from a pink suit suit to a knitted skirt, to a fancy shirt with wide leg pants, the overall shape is simple and casual without lack of formal sense, both Breaking through the stereotyped stereotypes of traditional workplace wear, it is also capable of elegant and stylish atmosphere, triggering many online friendly comments. Wen Diguang in the play is a white shirt with a variety of fancy matching, each wearing their own style, indicating that Ice control of fashion. Ice is also praised as “wearing the business style out of the fashion sense”, providing a super practical fashion sample for the daily work of many lightly-working women.

Perfect acting to unlock the variety of new dramas

Ice's play of the flute can be appreciated and approved by a large number of audiences. In addition to the fashion wear in the play, more is focused on the personality of the flute flute character and Ice's acting skills. Ice has a lot of identities in the play, the actual manager of Instant Flight, Nan Qiao's girlfriend, and Chang Jianxiong's love teacher... No matter what kind of identity, Ice uses his solid and natural acting skills to deduce the diversity of the role of the whute, sometimes domineering and cold, sometimes confused and lovely, to fully explain the role of the role.

When Wee Di hears on the phone that the investors' repentance, clenched fists, and constantly turning eyes, vividly show the uneasiness and anxiousness of the inner heart; when the girlfriends are in a low mood, they can accompany her to deal with the gasping of the hamster while playing Fragmented, lovely and childish appearance and the image of a female business elite collided with a strong contrast, and it was tempting to be complacent. As a love teacher, sincere words and sincere eyes, the image of “Madame Miss” was interpreted in full. . Have to say, Ice is very accurate on the role of the character, the character of the details of the portrayal is also in place, such a superb acting can not help but let us look forward to the new play of Ice.

It is reported that the " Love Evolutionism " starring Ice will immediately meet with you. Her role as He Xin is also a career elite, but it is a completely different character from the warm flute temperament, another drama starring Ice by Sins It is also taking a tight shot. In these upcoming episodes, Ice will also bring you unexpected disruptions. Let us look forward to the performance of Ice in the new drama.

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