Koala liu no man,' tenacious online: embrace misery with my power

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songstress Koala Liu, Since 2018, she has launched many original works of lyrics and songs. She has always been good at finding inspiration from life, and the content of her works is never limited to the expression between love. Today,Koala Liu,has released a new song "is there anyone" based on social issues, which has brought a different touch to many audiences.

"Is there anyone" was written byKoala Liu,when she saw a piece of news that "a girl jumped from a building because she was hurt by her headteacher but was booed by the crowd". It depicts the psychology of the injured girl in the tragedy from the first perspective. Since human into the information era, there are plenty of social events have caused public attention, but as the spread of information fragmentation type transmission, every day there are new event coverage, let old event was quickly forgotten by public opinion, and those who have not solve disputes still linger in the shadow of the society, with the move of the public attention and looses its freedom to grow. The waves have fallen, but the pain is still there, the events need to be remembered, the voices of weakness need to be heard.Koala Liu,believes that she can at least convey care and appeal through her own music works and do her part to help the society.

Although the whole song's stance is to show solidarity from the perspective of social underdogs, Koala Liu's sonorous singing method makes the song sound not to blindly feel sorry for itself, but to integrate the resolute and forward fearless in the atmosphere of the lyrics. The ubiquitous electric guitar and keyboard sound in the arrangement seemed like a soft and strained web of life, and the tenacity of the drums added some positive and warm colors to the mood of the song.

Koala Liu said that the continuous accumulation of creation also enables her to express her feelings in life through music and to face herself honestly. Everyone can act in their own way to make this society warmer. She also urged people to give more love to those who have been hurt, so that they can all have a loving life.

Next,Koala Liu,will continue to bring new works. What new thinking will be brought to us by this sentimental creation of female voice? It is worthy of our mutual expectation.

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