Begonia through the rain rouge through' misunderstood and relieved repentance and repentance to speak of sin and forgiveness

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Guided by Shu-Pui Hou directed by Begonia through the rain rouge through , Liegtong , Deng Lun , Hanson Ying , Alex Fong (actor) , Carman Lee , Zhang Ya Zhuo and others performed the Republican emotional drama “Begonia through the rain rouge through "" has been fixed, is in post-production. Today, the play first exposed character posters. Several protagonists were dressed in elegant and delicate costumes and placed in a cluster of flowers. Their movements and hands in their hands manifested their respective identities and personalities. The dramaticness was clear at a glance.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

“Begonia through the rain rouge through ” tells about the heroine Gu Haiyan (Li Yitong) who wears the best make-up technology. He went to the Rookie Agent Rouge workshop for the missing father to get into the Long House Second Son. During the entanglements of Long Yuexuan (Deng Lun), a false marriage with Dagong's son, Yueming Yue (Hanson Ying), and his sisterhood with the warlord Qian Jinlong Mo Yu (Zhang Ya Zhuo) were also interspersed. Misunderstandings. At the same time, the enmity of the previous generation also affects the lives and emotions of the next generation.

Both the black revenge and the obvious idol drama temperament, what kind of style does the show have? Recently, we crossed the ocean to dialogue with the drama director Shu-Pui Hou.

From the name of the drama, the shooting style to the cast, all show a strong sense of youthfulness.

"Begonia through the rain rouge through" involves many elements, including conspiracy, suspense, love, misunderstandings, vengeance, etc., but also integrates modern and unique topics such as beauty makeup, enrollment, etc. The tune of this episode also determines that this will not be a depressing, dark revenge story, but will show the sadistic and family grievances in the fresh idol of the Republic, and continue the new direction that the director Shu-Pui Hou has always insisted on. Chronicle concept.

The director Shu-Pui Hou's last-of-a-kind play was " LegendofFragrance, " and when asked why he particularly liked such styles, he said, "To tell the story of the Republic of China using today's idol dramas is to think positively. The values ​​are passed on to young people. On the other hand, they are dreaming for them because idol dramas are the cradle for young audiences to dream."

Why do you prefer to place the story in the context of the Republic of China since you prefer a more modern shooting technique? Shu-Pui Hou said, “The background of the age is rather vague and can be not limited to historical and political considerations. Therefore, the space for creation is relatively large and the aspect of the sculpture It can also be more innovative, but innovation can not be separated from the background of the times."

One of the important performances that does not depart from the background of the times is to use "Rookie Agent Rouge" as the core element of the entire play. Rookie Agent Rouge has a strong sense of the times, and in the play not only refers to the talent of the heroine, but also lays a foundation for her career and love. Having said that, I have to mention the name of the play "Begonia through the rain rouge through". At first glance, although there is a bit of incomprehensibility, but carefully thought, "In fact, the content of the story is highly concise, and the protagonist Gu Haijun is experiencing After many difficulties, we have a more thorough understanding of life and our feelings."

From the name of the drama, the shooting style, the story line, etc., the youthfulness and female perspective of this drama can be seen, and this youthfulness is also reflected in the cast.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

With the launch of the new version of “The Eagle-Essential Heroes ”, Huang Rong, played by Li Yitong, moved the hearts of many audiences with his charming and clever gestures. His own recognition was therefore also received. The artiste index and fans were all visible. Speed ​​growth. In "Begonia through the rain rouge through", she played Gu Hejun, who was sometimes black and black, from a solitary woman to the final hostess. This character has grown significantly. The title "Rue Rain Rookie Agent Rouge" It is the ups and downs she has to experience and her understanding and reflection on life and love.

Deng Lun is an emerging talent and has performed well in this year’s “ White DeerPlain ”, “ Ode to Joy 2 ” and “ Ch Chuan Biography ”. Each character has a distinct personality: Lu Zhaohai in “WhiteDeerPlain” With enthusiasm and enthusiasm, Xie Tung-tung in Ode to Joy 2 is affectionate, and Xiao Ze in Chu Chuan Biography is not shrewd. This also fully shows Deng Lun's ability to shape characters, and as a result, his popularity and attention are rising at a rapid rate.

In "Begonia through the rain rouge through", Deng Lun plays Long Yuexuan, the son of a long-swimming family. He experienced and missed, fell in love with each other, and met with each other after being skeptical. He also turned himself into a daredevil by the unfamiliar young master. The ambition young people also have a significant growth in their roles. While testing the actors' performance skills, they are also likely to bring more breakthroughs to the actors themselves.

When talking about the performance of the two protagonists, director Shu-Pui Hou said, “Although they are young, they have very strict requirements for performances and scripts. Every evening when preparing for the next day, they basically communicate with me. Trick shows are better, they are responsible for their own roles, but also save a lot of things for shooting."

Inspirational temperament throughout, choose actors to have a doorway

When talking about the core expression of this drama, the director Shu-Pui Hou said, “In fact, the first thing I thought about was creating dreams for the audience. This is what I have always pursued. But at the same time, we must also take into account the social repercussions. After all, the spread of TV dramas is very wide, and it will affect the thinking of young audiences and their views on life.” Therefore, the main creative elements are integrated into the story development of the entire drama.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

This kind of inspiration is first shown in the character propositions and experiences of several protagonists: Gu Haijun is a girl with ideals and strong and kind. She works hard on her favorite career, and bravely overcomes all kinds of difficulties. She also loves her. Naturally, Long Yuexuan is still struggling to get together with Haishu while facing heavy pressure. At the same time, he also makes every effort to save his family's business from the bottom and work with Haishu to create a business. Long Yueming and Long Mogan were originally due to appearance People, but with the help of their own efforts and friends, have actively changed their minds and strived for love, career, or misguided process, but they eventually become awakened. The inspirational temperament runs through all the time. "Our show promotes positive energy and wants young audiences to realize the importance of cherishing family and friends around them."

To achieve the effect of infecting the audience, the actor's performance is very important. The director, Shu-Pui Hou, said, “Li Yitong is serious and professional, and Gu Haishen is very delicate; Deng Lun is not only high in value but also has personal knowledge of the script and characters. It is also very clear; the performances of Hanson Ying and Zhang Ya Zhuo have their own characteristics and are worth noting. More importantly, the atmosphere during the shooting is very relaxed and happy.”

Then, for example, he said, “There is a scene in which a man and a woman encounter a wild boar. This scene is performed in a blue cloth background and then through CG synthesis. The executive director wore a blue dress and shuttled through the woods as a CG drawing. The trajectory, because usually is too familiar, the male and female lords have been unable to laugh, and finally managed to complete the show.”

When talking about the selection of actor standards, the director Shu-Pui Hou said, “The casting angle must be consistent with the character's temperament and image, but also consider work attitude and plasticity. The value of appearance should not be less, but it must be market-approved. Of course, It is also very important that some old actors accepted by the market participate in the performance. The mix of old, middle and young actors can meet the tastes of audiences of all ages."

Based on this standard, "Begonia through the rain rouge through" is not only a young actor, but also a powerful Mesozoic actor. For example, Alex Fong (actor) plays the role of a long-time homegrown Lance Nian, and Carman Lee plays the role of Mr. Feng Jiayan, the grandmother.

Judging from the title of the drama and the main story, the play is very much like the popular main actress nowadays, but director Shu-Pui Hou said: “This drama is still a father, even though she plays the name under the name of a female one. The story of inheritance, family struggle, and longevity is not a big female act."

The director focuses on creating a personal style and the deep theme is sin and forgiveness

The previous drama "Soul of Fragrance" directed by Shu-Pui Hou is a drama of the Republic of China. "Begonia through the rain rouge through" promotes the development of the story with Rookie Agent Rouge as its core. However, it is also the subject of the Republic of China. In the drama of the Republic of China, the director Shu-Pui Hou said, “I have always hoped to locate the style of Shu-Pui Hou. It was at first sight that this person’s work was known.”

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

When talking about the creation of personal style, the director Shu-Pui Hou mainly elaborated on the style of the screen, the way of shooting, and the lighting. “I personally like the bright color and texture of the screen, and the shooting method is also more flexible. The lights basically do not need to be adjusted, of course, will not be flat light, I like to shoot out a layered lighting picture."

He cited the example in "Begonia through the rain rouge through" to illustrate: "In the play, the men and women have a slapstick show in the country hills. There has been wind blowing the windmill in the picture. It is very dynamic; For example, when I was shooting indoor scenes, I also liked to collect the water flow props of the front and back scenes and make the scene lively. The audience can watch it with a careful look.”

At the same time, he also shared his own experience of doing market appeal dramas. “The creative methods should be diversified, constantly seeking new themes, and try not to let the audience always look at old-fashioned techniques and themes so as not to create boring feelings.”

In addition to new themes, multiple shooting techniques, and unique screen styles, the emotions of the story are also very important. “The characters have a sense of blood and flesh.”

In "Begonia through the rain rouge through", everyone is making every effort to change their own destiny, while at the same time feeling sentiment towards each other. The misunderstanding and relief of Gu Haiyi and Lang Yuexuan, the injury and repentance of Long Moyi and Lang Yueming to the surrounding people, the loss and remorse of the old Langjiao to the two women, and the distortion and loss of Mrs. Langjiao’s wife are all actually explaining this. The deep theme of the drama - sin and forgiveness.

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