The girl's heart thumping! 'that my star belongs to me' by xu haiqiao zoey

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Linkeddb News October 12Recently, produced by tencent video and Beijing guangren culture development co., LTD. Wang Yiqing As the chief producer, with love drifting, Ning Zhang Nan and other writers, Xu Haiqiao , Zoey Starring in the fashion show That my star belongs to me It has been a hit with audiences since its debut. The show, which has been dubbed the "showbiz textbook," is a masterful attempt to lead the audience into a different world of showbiz. With high levels of cast in appearance, humorous plot, is kokomo lines, all don't let people attracted by the show, it's not, for the men and women the main sugar on the speed of the net friend is satisfied, all in a matter of counting the days to eat sugar, it seems, Xu Haiqiao played ShenJunYi Su Yan with Zoey as "star CP" is also on the audience's heart thumped as he girl.

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& have spent "That my star belongs to me" has a strong cast and production crew, plus a compelling love community, superstars and the love story of a straight-forward little assistant. There is no love/hate/hatred hysteria, no dog-blood cliched incurable disease separation, full of heart-warming and healing positive energy elements, such a plot does not know how many dreams have been fulfilled, no wonder the show has been arranged by little fans. In the drama, Xu Haiqiao's leading roles shen junyi and Zoey's leading lady su yan witnessed the high-sweet love under the spotlight all the way with the audience. One is a big star with all kinds of halos, the other is a rookie assistant who just entered the workplace and doesn't know anything. It is inevitable that two people will stumble a little bit together. From the very beginning, I did not get used to each other, and I did not like each other. Then I experienced difficulties together and Shared my heart with each other. Especially after confirming each other's good will, the show lovingness mode of throwing dog food frequently started, in the netizen has not digested the high-sweet plot of the movie Fried steak, shen junyi and su yan put on a sweet attack for everyone. See the first kiss came, this sprinkle sugar speed audience members straight shout: watching the addiction!

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& have spent And in love this respect, great star shen junyi is absolutely unique, send much flesh to girl friend, return close rise "little annoyance and huge happy" name. This move not only su yan is very happy, the net friend is also by thoroughly su arrive, so fancy love move is to want to give the net friend a "shen style love treasure book"? However, the more sweet love is always easy to encounter the test of the storm, seeing happiness to the sweet SKR people's shen junyi and su yan also faced the feelings of "outsiders". Shen junyi lost about 100 days of memorial day, su yan alone sad tears, scenes have broken the hearts of netizens, all said: have not seen enough sweet plot, the next to begin to abuse the heart? It seems That the "That my star belongs to me" has captured the hearts of netizens with such an exciting plot.

& have spent "That my star belongs to me" is coming in autumn and winter, no fear of wind and rain, just to bring you a sweet love trip. Even if there is a bump in the road, more surprises are sure to come in the end. Stay tuned to tencent video's "That my star belongs to me", and there's a steady stream of great content.

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