The tv series highness of the wolf has released a close-up shot of darren wang qin li holding hands with a sugar

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Star relationship news: on the occasion of qixi festival, produced by xinli TV cultural investment co., LTD and Shanghai yaoke media co., LTD. Frankie CHEN, Chief producer and director, Wang Wei Director's ancient costume romance drama Highness of the Wolf "Stills released a set of" distance "theme, in the five dynasties back rest early era background, the bohai sea, the stars, yao ji wang, sprints, pola, zhu yougui people in countries all over the world for the home such as strategy planning, in the emotional world and wonderful, this group of pictures, they hug to each other or with their peers, or embrace, in the distance of the love, never miss each other, I meet you the best of times, the worst time see you later. The play is directed by Chen tongxun, han zhongren art direction, by Darren Wang , Qin Li , Zhilei Xin , Xiao war , Kuo Shu - yao , Zang Hongna , Youwei Lin Such as, Yongdai Ding Starring, Shikui Yan Cameo.

In the name of love & NBSP; Highness of the Wolf is sweet and touching

As a occurred in the five dynasties and ten states in ancient costume drama, love the Highness of the Wolf, "in his Liang Jin, the well-being for the whole world, also created a form of emotional world, as shown in the" distance "theme still, in the important moments of life, love the distance closer to the heart, to give life to good. They explain the meaning that love brings to each other with different distance from each other. In the photos,Darren WangandQin Li"hug" each other. Though once disturbed by the contrary fate, love bridged their distance. The depressed yao ji (Zhilei Xin) is held by bo wang with one hand and separated by one arm by redundant words. And Kuo shu-yao, the princess of the khitan, is the one who makes the king of the bo "accompany" around the streets, along the way, all she wants is the king of the bo close to her security.

In the process of getting acquainted with the stars, the bounty hunter from the four directions (Xiao war) begins to perceive the true meaning of love. The two of them take a rest by the lake. The regal son of houliang, zhu yougui (Youwei Lin), is obsessed with his identity, and maybe only with his wife ( Lin, Cheng Let your guard down when you're alone and enjoy this respectful, stress-free love. Under the background of liang jin's struggle for supremacy, love seems to be particularly sweet, making everyone have more warmth in their growth.

Looking for love and growing & NBSP; Highness of the Wolf is passionate and vigorous

"Highness of the Wolf" is a story about a young Wolf who meets a young man who grows up in a Wolf pack. In the play, they fight for their home country and for love in the emotional world. In the just-released "distance" theme stills, bo wang and disease rush to pull out sword "determined", the more understanding of the preciousness of love, the more willing to give up for love to pay for love, each has a mission of their own "love to reach the stars" in their own way, even if each other heroes pity also willing to maintain a distance for love; The two are opposite each other. One is the hero of the bo dynasty, the other is the hero of the bo dynasty. The star picking and bona, who also became lovers due to bona king, have become friends due to their hatred. Picking the star improves bona's view by virtue of her sincere personality. In the stills, the two of them fight together and "see each other" in front of each other.

In" Lanling king After that, the famous producerFrankie CHEN,tried to make Highness of the Wolf into another masterpiece of the "king's series" with a high-quality original script.

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