Practice social responsibility! tao xinran was awarded the people's cultural tourism goodwill ambassador calling for special people's care

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Tao Xinran was awarded the

Tao Xinran and other guests. JPG

Tao Xinran received the goodwill ambassador certificate. JPG

 Linkeddb News November 23& have spent A few days ago, the People's Daily "national humanities and history" magazine launched the "people's cultural tourism annual ticket" launch ceremony was held in the People's Daily no. 1 studio, deputy editor-in-chief of the overseas edition of the People's Daily li fang, deputy director of the Beijing cultural and tourism bureau cao pengcheng, chief editor of the labor afternoon newspaper Guo Qiang Leaders and guests, including the chief editor of national humanities and history magazine, were present at the scene. actor Tao Xinran He was also invited to attend the launching ceremony. He wore a slim white high-set suit, which was fashionable and efficient. He was also awarded the title of "people's cultural and tourism annual pass" as a goodwill ambassador.

Tao Xinran spoke. JPG

Tao Xinran calls for caring for children and people with disabilities studying abroad. JPG

Tao Xinran white suit fashionable and elegant. JPG

& have spent The responsibility of cultural tourism is not limited to improving the cultural literacy of the public, but more importantly, the public's own experience and demand for history, ecology, humanities and other spiritual levels in the new era of integration of culture and tourism. Tao Xinran helped promote the "people's cultural tourism annual pass", which is actually to further help the construction of the capital's cultural center and realize the beautiful vision of "understanding Beijing, falling in love with Beijing and enjoying the good life of Beijing". During the event, Tao Xinran received the "people's cultural tourism annual pass" goodwill ambassador certificate from Ms. Li fang, deputy editor-in-chief of the overseas edition of People's Daily. In her speech, she expressed her gratitude and analyzed her own journey: "how should I fulfill my sense of social responsibility in my career? Through my role, people think about life and love, which is my sense of social responsibility. I use my experience to infect and influence more people, which is my sense of social responsibility... "At the launch ceremony, she was also very happy to see that the organizers of the event donated 200 people's cultural and tourism annual tickets to Beijing disabled people's welfare foundation, Beijing model labor association and dandelion middle school. We hope that through the strength of all walks of life in society, we can appeal to more people to care about and care about special groups of people, and work together to give them the power to pursue their dreams.

& have spent Excellent actress from the screen to the outside of the lens, meticulous mother Tao Xinran in shaping force, to the masses of roles of affinity and a high degree of social responsibility and acclaimed, she always adhere to the public welfare undertakings, has long been booster parent-child and with personal power and influence the development of cultural undertakings, the was awarded the "people's brigades go" goodwill ambassador honor is deserved. After the activity, Tao Xinran also reaffirmed the sense of social responsibility: as a public figure "when mother after these two years, have been thinking about the social sense of responsibility, I know I just retinues the world in a grain of dust, but I'd like to, willing to obligations, physically involved in attention left-behind children and people with disabilities to work!"

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