Brothers' premiere in Guangzhou, where Wena fits and grabs "C-bit" to detonate memories.

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Directed by director Anthony Chan (actor) , Carlos Chan , Kai Tan , Jonathan Wong , Yiu-Sing Lam , Deng Jiale, Wu Heqian, Simon Yam , Kara Hui , Elaine Jin , Liu Kai-chi, etc. The bloody youth comedy film " Brothers " will be released nationwide on July 20th. On July 8th, the film will be held in Guangzhou for the grand premiere. The film will be produced by Mr. Chen Yiqi, the president of Fangyindu Agency Co., Ltd., and directed by Anthony Chan ( Actor), producer Catherine Hun , starring Alan Tam , Kenny Bee , Bennett Pang , Ye Zhiqiang, Carlos Chan, Kai Tan, Jonathan Wong, and Deng Jiale all debut, the masters create a youthful rebellious past, reminisce of friendship, "Wenner five tigers" It was the scene of the "grab C-bit" battle, which triggered a burst of laughter.

"Xiao Wen Nai" said that the shooting fun thing

The film "Brothers" premiere was held in Guangzhou on the 8th. Wenner "Five Tigers" Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Anthony Chan (actor), Bennett Pang and Ye Zhiqiang gathered together to star in the movie starring Carlos Chan, Kai Tan, Jonathan Wong It was a surprise with Deng Jiale, and it was a lively interaction with the audience and fans. The atmosphere was very lively. At the beginning of the event, director Anthony Chan (actor) first came to the stage to tell the original intention of his shooting. He told everyone about his friendship story with his brothers. He thinks that "in fact, our story is similar to that of the young people now. I hope this is also the same." The film can bring some inspiration to everyone." Carlos Chan, Kai Tan, Jonathan Wong and Deng Jiale, who play "Xiao Wen Na" in the film, share the filming fun. Kai Tan said that the biggest challenge for himself is the language. Carlos Chan also added "We I often say that Cantonese is teasing him.” Deng Jiale broke the news that his mother was a fan of Alan Tam. He called “very stressful” and Jonathan Wong showed the classic scene of the film “Wild Bee Flying”, and the screams continued. Several young protagonists played a "spoon pass" game with the audience on the spot. The tacit cooperation of the main creation made people passionate and excitable. The naughty ball became the focus of attention on the field. Finally, the two teams The number of balls was leveled, and the "Winners" card was held in hand. The scene once caused the atmosphere to climax.

"Wen Na Wu Hu" fancy grab "C position"

The most exciting moment on the scene is the combination of the "Wenner Five Tigers". Several actors have appeared in the film, and they have earned enough attention from the audience. The "Wenner spirit" reappears and evokes memories. Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Anthony Chan (actor), Bennett Pang, and Ye Zhiqiang fancy interpretation of buzzwords. Kenny Bee laughed and said, "I am standing in C position now," causing a burst of laughter, and several are more fun. At the scene, I took a photo of the "C-bit", and the tactful tricks made me laugh. Finally, Alan Tam liked the "C-bit" debut. As the longest evergreen band in the Chinese music scene, Wena has experienced nearly half a century of wind and rain baptism, which has also affected the dreams of several generations. The fans on the scene are also giving intimate gifts, and the truth is confession. The president of Yindu Institute, Chen Yiqi, also sent a pennant on behalf of the film. "Xiaowenna" Carlos Chan, Kai Tan, Jonathan Wong and Deng Jiale also pushed the cake to show up again, wishing that Wenner's spirit will remain unchanged for thousands of years. The premiere ended in a warm and beautiful big photo, and the audience greeted the movie with great enthusiasm. The film will be released nationwide on July 20th, and then go to the theater to experience Wenna feelings.

The film "Brothers" was produced by Yindu Agency Co., Ltd. and Magic China Film Co., Ltd., Yindu Agency (Guangzhou) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shaw Brothers International Film Co., Ltd., Yaosheng Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Sun Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. and Jay Talent Investment Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

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