Which pair do you like best, taking a look at those cps from the great detective?

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In recent years, there are more and more variety shows, but the quality of programs is not considerable. Today, I would like to recommend a quality variety show, detective star, which has scored 9 points in three consecutive seasons on douban. Recently, the fourth season of "Ming zhen" will be broadcast on mango TV.

Some like ghosts, some like them Tan Songyun . Star sister loves a couple of CPS in the show, such as double north CP, straight iron man CP, and songhua mountain CP All of these CPS come out of the traffic. Today star sister on a good talk about the "Ming zhen" those lovely CP!

Double north CP: He Jiong & Sa Beining

He Jiong is a student at Beijing foreign studies university, studying Arabic, while Sa Beining is a student at Peking University, majoring in law, so He was called "" double north" "in the show by netizens. And the two are all the way to walk, during the school basically did not take any examination.

Sa Beining and He Jiong are both outstanding hosts in our country. In the program, they are both amazing in reasoning ability and horrible in carefulness and thoughtfulness.

At the beginning, Sa Beining's teacher became a lot of envy when she said "Peking University is ok". When the top students met the top students, Sa Beining and He Jiong rubbed out: "I'm a walk-away, so am I", an enviable and helpless spark.

The comments section reads like "you don't know how late at night it is Happy! Hum, have what big, I also be walk to send, nursery school teacher assurance every day pick up!" Such comments are also hilarious.

Spirit spirit CP: Bai Jingting & Emma Wu

Anyone who has watched Ming zhen should know about this ghostly combination. Originally rely on a small white of a broken mouth, is doomed to be lonely for life. But there's a girl who's powerful, similar in age, and super cute -- the ghost. Small white can not resist the attack of cute sister, finally live up to the public expectations, and the ghost composed a "soul" combination. This couple CP is simply two people's names combined as a side. It has to be said that the strange girl and the intelligent dark prince are the standard of idol drama, this pair of CP probably is everyone's favorite.

The little white and the ghost are always so in love with each other. Make fun of ghost, make fun of ghost ghost, help ghost ghost hair, this seems to be small white daily. On the red carpet, their opening line is also very innovative, "hello everyone, we are ghost white, also called bobo". As a result, word of the "boldness" combination spread.

Straight iron man CP: Haoran Liu & Daxun Wei & Bai Jingting

I don't know if these three guys are hot, but they must be straight. Next star sister to grilled this group of straight man lian into memory!

Haoran Liu -- in an interview, Haoran Liu laughed heartily when she heard the words "the girl who took the postgraduate entrance exam" and asked incredulously: "the girl who took the exam? The little girl?" Then he laughed on the spot...

Daxun Wei - Daxun Wei asked Mini Yang "Elder sister you so thin, you usually be evening all don't have a meal?" Mini Yang says "eat, I don't lose weight" and Daxun Wei turns to look Ma Sichun "Do you need to lose weight? He actually answered himself by saying "use". Also unsparing is Ma Sichun dining to "control, control." So much so that Ma Sichun says "Daxun Wei I've offended you?" In the romance of the wife's travel, even more open mouth is the aunt picking son, almost pick son "spirit" to let the little spring brother to beat him.

Bai Jingting -- xiao Bai is an imported product for straight men of iron and steel, because every "talk" without any discomfort.. I played the game with ordinary girls, I was supposed to feed the bamboo to my sister, but I swallowed it, which made my sister very unhappy! Nevertheless small white be in danger apparently not disorderly, he say "that still have!" For ordinary women such a small white to their own pro-junior no mercy. "Upperclassman, I recently read a poem that was so good I want you to read it to me," his junior said on the show. As a result, Bai Jingting replied "I don't want to hear it".

The chat ability that blunt above 3 still have straight level, their absolutely is "by actual strength single" representative figure! So what will the three straight kids do on the show? Haha, I'm looking forward to it!

CP: Tan Songyun & Daxun Wei & amp; Bai Jingting

The name alone is confusing. Why are they so popular? See star sister for you one by one analysis.

"Songhua mountain" refers to three stars who have good personal relationships: Tan Songyun, Daxun Wei and Bai Jingting. Songsong refers to Tan Songyun according to the homophone. The little friends who often watch "star detective" should all know the terrier of "jingting mountain top flower". So the flower is Daxun Wei that's right, this stalk comes from a meilan, it's called big xun, so Daxun Wei is called big xun. Bai Jingting is a mountain in songhua mountain. Xiao Bai's name is derived from the ancient poem "looking at each other, only Jingting mountain". Therefore, the mountain nature is Bai Jingting. Now, you know where the name comes from.

Many of you are familiar with this set of CP. The star sister still likes them very much, because they have the appearance level and the earth gas.

Whether it's a tacit agreement in "24 hours" or a mutual help in "Ming zheng", they show a lovely side. Recently, three people on the interaction on the micro blog is also a big wave of fans.

Everyone knows that Daxun Wei is notoriously stingy in the circle, with 100 washing machines in the front and 100 in the back Roy Wang My brother invited me to dinner. One day, he said on his micro blog that he had invited Bai Jingting and Tan Songyun to have a big dinner. "the sun is setting". However, within half an hour, the two parties came out and broke the stage, sending out all the documents sent by Daxun Wei, and the ones in brackets were no exception. Tan Songyun and Bai Jingting joked that the dinner was actually a buffet, and that the dynamic was that Daxun Wei paid fifty cents' bribe. Netizens who knew the truth were laughing out loud.

Even the buffet is the most expensive treat for Daxun Wei. It was enough to show that the friendship was extraordinary.

NZNDCP: He Jiong & amp; Sa Beining & amp; Bai Jingting & amp; Da Zhangwei & Ruoxuan Chen & Jackson Wang

NZND - a group of men who are determined to exist just like conan! The group of entertainers under the MG entertainment company, a male troupe with the responsibility of killing people, poisoning, illegitimate children, plagiarism, plastic surgery, and keeping suspects in custody, got its name from the repeated involvement of its members in death and homicide cases, namely no zuo no Die. The slogan is: n Jennifer Lawrence D, why you try! MDZZ we can The Fly II There have been some changes in the members during the period, so far it has been 11 years. What beautiful male (4 a millennium Busy XiaoYao), and a smile (heart arsonist Entertainment last single singer), white rap (sentiment ultra-high rap great god Black soul on fire), a big lead singer, the king of the brilliant solo Solo) after the creative type, Chen dance (handsome dance beautiful dancing bear Kill people left in jail), the gossip king (surface rookie NZND new members The dream-seeker teenager). As soon as the group got together, there would be a great event, and many classic songs would be released, especially "burberry" and "Shopping memories" by he meinan, which are really expensive and nice!


After reading this article, I wonder if I am also amway. Which couple do you like on the show? The show was broadcast on mango TV on October 26. I hope it brings so many CPS to you!

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