Zhou yutong challenged the copy of ancient costume to make a play

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" The Song Dynasty Junior Record Filming for the" Zhou Yutong Challenge the copy of ancient costume play

Produced by mango film and television, directed by yi zheng, Juan Wang As the chief writer, Steven Zhang The Song Dynasty Junior Record, starringZhou Yutongand other popular TV dramas of ancient costume and youth, has been recently finished. In the play,Zhou Yutongplays the beautiful and clever heroine zhao Jane.

The great song "copy" openedZhou Yutongto become a rebel fighter

& have spent & have spent & have spent The Song Junior Dynasty Record is set in The war between The northern Song Dynasty and The western xia Dynasty. It tells The story of young people who are The family and The country and fight hard to eliminate The disaster of The great Song Dynasty. In the play,Zhou Yutongplays zhao Jane, a rebellious girl of noble birth and full of personality. As for Zhou Yutong's new work, netizens shouted: "a copy of the song dynasty is coming soon" and "Zhou Yutong's ancient costume is worthy of expectation".

& have spent & have spent & have spent It is reported that zhao jian has a lot of martial arts drama, which is difficult forZhou Yutongto try a lot of martial arts drama for the first time. "It's a new challenge," said Zhou Yutong. "I'm willing to try and look forward to it." Zhou Yutong's open-minded attitude is in line with the character setting of zhao jian, who works hard despite his outstanding skills.

Zhou Yutong, the all-powerful girl, has grown up in a variety of roles

Previously,Zhou Yutongwas known to the audience for her excellent performance in several popular TV dramas. Such as in the LoveThroughaMillennium "As the spoony maid in the moon, in" thus "As the sentimental and righteous tang Yin, in" My distance from your light year "As Shirley, who has spanned thousands of years, and recently ended her career You from the ocean In the film,Zhou Yutongplays a pure and kind dai xiu. Every character created byZhou Yutonghas a distinctive personality and vivid image.

Since her debut,Zhou Yutonghas been dubbed the "god of men harvester" by netizens because her works have been paired with actors of the god of men's fresh meat. This time, Steven Zhang, The "god of fresh meat", was partnered in The Song Dynasty Junior Record. Netizens shouted: "pleaseZhou Yutongand the male god of the same style harvest physique" and "look forward to the early broadcast of this drama".

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