Wang baoqiang former broker song zhe was sentenced to six years in prison, and netizens called him “big happy people”.

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Wang Baoqiang Former agent Song Zhe Get sentence 6 years net friend direct cry: big quick popular feeling

According to media reports, Song Zhe was sentenced to six years in the chaoyang district people's court of Beijing on Monday morning for embezzlement. Song Zhe said whether to appeal will be considered before a decision is made. The lawyer Wang Baoqiang Shared a photo with Wang Baoqiang. In the photo, Wang Baoqiang has a big smile and a good mood.

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Netizens were also in an uproar after hearing the news. A netizen said: "big quick popular feeling!" ", "Song Zhe falls in all directions. , etc.

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Zhi Zhou, the agent of the artist, is the most trusted person of the artist. In fact, the artist's affairs are handled by the agent. Song Zhe was once the most trusted person of Wang Baoqiang, but now he has come to this end. The reason for netizens' reaction is that it starts from the announcement of Wang Baoqiang's divorce on August 14, 2016. Wang Baoqiang said in a statement on the public social platform that his agent Song Zhe and his wife Ma Rong He announced his divorce from Ma Rong, saying he had been unfaithful in his relationship outside marriage. Since the announcement of the divorce, the cases of Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong have become a topic of conversation. Moreover, the divorce proceedings between the two have been going on for a while, causing concern.

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It wasn't until 2018 that the verdict was reached on Wang Baoqiang Ma Rong's divorce case. The trial ended the marriage, with Wang Baoqiang raising his son and Ma Rong raising his daughter.

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As a grassroots star, Wang Baoqiang has come a long way with his hard work. "Silly root", "abing", "xu sanduo", etc. Wang Baoqiang has created some classic characters for the audience in the entertainment circle step by step. With his unremitting efforts, Wang Baoqiang is now an actor and director. Song Zhe, the man who stole the fruits of Wang Baoqiang, deserved it. We also hope that Wang Baoqiang can continue to bring us good works, and find happiness as soon as possible!

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