Wu Jing (actor) Daddy again! Xie Nan Sunshine and second-born netizens named funny full

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On July 10th, Xie Nan took a picture on Weibo and wrote the article: “ Suowei Wu 2.0, on stage”. When this Weibo came out, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. In the following comment, it is said that it is a second child, and they have sent blessings to Xie Nan.




Xie Nan's photo was marked "Suowei Wu 2.0, 196 days", so that Xie Nan has been pregnant for several months, and it seems that Wu Jing (actor) is going to be a father again.


In addition to blessings for Wu Jing (actor) and Xie Nan, netizens were surprised at Xie Nan’s pregnant body. Some netizens said that the pregnant belly of more than 6 months has not had the belly of me, and there are The netizen said that pregnant is so thin, a good figure...







Wu Jing (actor) and Xie Nan held a wedding ceremony in Beijing in 2014. In August of the same year, Xie Nan gave birth to a son. After giving birth to his son Suowei Wu, Xie Nan also said on Weibo last year: "I love Suowei Wu. I don't think I can give this love to other children. Even if it is a second child. Suowei Wu I used my life skills to compromise with my acute child, to make a delivery with my career, and to make the choice with my circle of friends. After recording the four children’s programs, I don’t want a second child at all, not at all.” However, when Wu Jing (actor) was interviewed by Wolf Warriors 2 , he also said that "the birth of a second child is my greatest wish", so it seems that Xie Nan has compromised for the wish of Wu Jing (actor).



For the name of the second-born baby, netizens have become famous, and the name is really funny. Some netizens said that they were named Wu Xie, and some netizens named Wu on how to do it. Wu said "what" fear... Netizens are so naughty.






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