Dai Wensheng's director attended the Beijing International Film Festival “Kimchi loves crayfish” promotion

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On the afternoon of April 16th, the director of "Chinese Spring Festival Gala", the movie "San Zita Tower 1942" producer Dai Wensheng and Zhengdong New Area party director, magician Long Feng, etc. were invited to attend the 8th Beijing International Film Festival at Beijing International Hotel. Festival and movie " Kimchi loves crayfish " promotion meeting and international movie circle Chinese and foreign big coffee exchange discussion...

 Kimchi loves crayfish

The movie "Kimchi loves crayfish" is a food love comedy film starring Junhao Yu, starring Kim Kibum , Shen Dong Xu , Yuen Wah , Kingdom Yuen , Vivian Chen, etc. Yan Weiwen is the director of folk songs. The film features culinary crayfish as a backdrop and tells the story of an international love story between an international pop star and an ordinary Chinese girl. The movie was produced by Daohe Filming Nanjing Co., Ltd.


An international pop star who loves to eat kimchi, because he could not stand the prostitution of the brokerage company's niece, he had to “hidden rules” for himself. He fled in the night and hurried to get on a flight to China. The story begins like this...

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