Fire' CP poster reveals that A Home Too Far Fangzhuo Blackie Ko is in A love triangle.

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TV series " Fire " CP poster exposure A Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo Blackie Ko love trapped "triangle love"

A series of forty episodes of "Fire", starring Li Song and Li Xiaoting, are composed of Li Song's screenwriter, Li Xiaozhong's original work, A Home Too Far, Dong Fangzhuo, Blackie Ko, Yang Wang , Zhang Yilun, and Bai Naisu. During the broadcast, good reputation and ratings in the industry and abroad are steadily rising. Except for the suspense of the story and the scene of high explosiveness, the enthusiasm of the audience for the episode is increasing, and the emotional lines that the leading stars looming are also looking forward to.

The TV series “Fire” is intended to demonstrate the positive energy style of the youth iron police who are confident of enthusiasm and vitality under the high-speed rail era. Through the youth action team to fight from side to side, and to fight together to crack a series of thrilling unresolved cases, the full-scale representation of the true status of the work and life of the contemporary iron police. In the meantime, the emotions of the three people of Zhao Pengcheng (A Home Too Far), Wu Wei (Dong Fangzhuo), and Tan Yang (Blackie Ko) also made the audience excited.

CP poster fun full face value for the audience is difficult to choose

Today, the film party has exposed a group of dynamic and entertaining CP posters that show the love of Zhao Pengcheng, Wu Wei and Tan Yang. In the poster, Zhao Pengcheng grumbles expectantly and self-confidence. Because of the unresolved "Fire" mentality, he has no intention of patronizing his personal feelings. Facing the frequent show of Wu Wei, Zhao Pengcheng chose to turn a blind eye. However, if Wu Wei is in danger, he will also save his life like a big brother. Although the two brothers and sisters, but because of the "Fire" big case has no way of saying the unknown relationship. As the story progresses, how he will solve the knot and be calm is still relatively exciting.

Wu Wei in the poster was full of warm smiles and spread her hands. On the one hand is the solar system boyfriend Tan Yang, on the one hand is a small railway idol Zhao Pengcheng, how to choose between pending follow-up answers. By contrast, the expression of Tan Yang in the poster was slightly aggrieved. Wu Wei was pinched by her ears and brows, conveying the youthful and youthful attributes of the two people. Wu Wei is a school elder sister who graduated from the same police academy in Tan Yang. He is also a teammate who lives and works together in the same action team. At the beginning of the meeting, Tan Yang, who was young and conceited, had a strong performance. He often made mistakes and left a very immature impression on Wu Wei. After going to the countryside to inspect the line, Tan Yang warmed up the property and would not only repair Wuxi's Walkman silently, but also rushed into the club to save Wu Wei. The hospital guarded the whole night before Wu Wei's bed, making the audience sigh. The original Tan Yang has such a warm heart! "" Zhao team and Tan Yang are so attractive, who should choose?

Since the launch of the TV series “Fire”, the story has been fast-paced, suspenseful and the narrative structure has attracted audiences. The feelings of the drama have become clearer in recent days, which has made the story more soothing and the audience has been able to burn their brains. Presumably the murderer can also easily discuss the direction of the characters' feelings.

Solar system boyfriend Tan Yang hero saved the United States Fan Wei Wu Wei public confession failed

The youthful, high-value Youth Action Team has experienced an increasing ability to detect cases and has become increasingly close to each other's teammates after going through supermarket robbery cases, railway station thefts, Ekin Kinschafts, and the White Wolf underground casino case. . Especially in the high-energy drama of the TV series “Fire” last night, after Tan Yang hero saved the United States, she met Wu Wei in public to confess Zhao Pengcheng. Triangle love is going to be confusing.

The TV series “Fire” was mainly based on suspense cases and was happily linked to love. As a relaxing medley for the viewers, Zhao Pengcheng, Wu Wei, and Tan Yang’s love affair are not artificial, and the love concept that they like to follow and bravely pursue is quite intuitive and has been unanimously endorsed by the audience. . In the case of Ayong drug trafficking, Tan Yang alone rescued Wu Wei’s heroic behavior and was praised as “the boyfriend of the solar system” for warmth and love. Wu Wei, a fan of Zhao Pengcheng, finally boldly confessed that she liked Zhao Pengcheng for ten years and Zhao Pengcheng could not respond to the audience. Where will the three people's feelings go and how will the "Fire" case find new clues? Stay tuned for further development.

TV series “Fire” by the Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Cultural Center, Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and TV Investment Co., Ltd., Horgos New Power Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Beijing Fengqing Mu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Perfect Television Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Golden days Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced the product. Every night at 19:30, Zhejiang Satellite TV's China Blue Theater was staged with blood. Youku and Iqiyi VIP members took a look at it at 22 o'clock every night. Non-members updated at 22 o'clock the next day.

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