Yuan hong (actor) zhang xinyi appeared in' wonderful work that ma weiwei 'and cried.

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Linkeddb News October 14 On Saturday night, Wonderful work that 5 ushered in a Wonderful and cruel team captain competition. As the Wonderful work that "In the first quarter BBking Ma Weiwei As a coach for the first time on the field, the circle of friendsYuan Hong (actor), Zhang Xinyi Appeared to support the team, but the scene performance has led to the lacrosse team accidental loss of strength debaters Ming Chen . Ma Weiwei was in a mess on the spot and broke down in tears after the race. & have spent

Yuan Hong (actor) Zhang Xinyi appeared in

Yuan Hong (actor) Zhang Xinyi showed up to support the group & NBSP; & have spent & have spent Ma Weiwei lost her debut

In last night's coach captain competition, four groups of two groups to compete for the "resurrection card" launched a fierce battle. The most promising, Ma Weiwei led the lacrosse team and the huang zhizhong power group alliance, the "resurrection card" trend will win. But Ma Weiwei, the much-anticipated lacrosse team coach, seemed out of form. Not only did she fail to strike a chord with the audience as she always did, but she was also pointed out as "the audience was empty when she spoke" Ma Dong Disappointed, too: "Ma Weiwei needs to adjust, or it will be dangerous." It is reported that Ma Weiwei has not participated in the competition for more than a year, it seems that the best state has not been found, and the star friends came to support deliberately, it is likely that the pressure is too much, resulting in the loss of play disorder. & have spent

'Wonderful work that 5' : lacrosse team coach Ma Weiwei tears himself after the game. JPG

Discussion on the adjustment of the rule of Ma Dong & NBSP; & have spent & have spent Ma Weiwei blamed himself for the loss of Ming Chen

The loss was just the start of a tearful night for lacrosse coach Ma Weiwei. After the lacrosse lost their "resurrection card", Ma Dong temporarily changed the rule and changed the function of "resurrection card" to "snatching the person card", leading to the loss of the lacrosse team's strength debater Ming Chen Liu Xiao Ling Tong They were robbed, a move that sapped the perceived strength of the lacrosse team and demoralized them. Ma Weiwei, the coach of the lacrosse team, was in a panic. He did not know how to rearrange the team.


"Fu Seoul is going to go, Ma Weiwei is in a bad state, but there is a big god, zhan qingyun, strange funny wild Mei Hong ", sentimental zang hongfei, outstanding studentsYeong - jin JoMen and the cool future star, the lacrosse team still can hit ", more for the lacrosse team to cheer, said: "hope they get up as soon as possible."

Buick played call.jpg for 'Wonderful work that 5' lacrosse clan coach Ma Weiwei

Can the lacrosse team, battered this week, regroup for the next challenge? All the answers will be revealed in the "Wonderful work that 5" car elimination game on October 19 and 20, which will be broadcast next Friday at 8pm.

Buick for

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