Tong zhang's partner yang zi shan? the release of the old photos has been praised by the powerful and powerful."

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Linkeddb News November 2& have spent Recently, a netizen broke out a new emperor Tong Zhang with Yang Zishan In the stills, two people in Anti-Japanese War costumes, under the guidance of their teachers, carefully ponder the series, and even more news broke: in the first scene between Tong Zhang and Yang Zishan on the set, Tong Zhang loudly scolded Yang Zishan, whose real state was shocking! Is that really the case?

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The photo is part of a TV series called OneandEight Starring Tong Zhang, Yang Zishan, Li Yixiang , Tianlai Hou , Kenan Cao The first scene of Tong Zhang's fight with Yang Zi shan was "full of gunpowder", as some of the most effective actors on the set performed wildly. In private, both of them often seriously criticized each other's acting skills and discussed the script. Both of them took part in the action scenes and the blasting scenes in the play. They treated the play with a rigorous, serious and professional attitude and strictly controlled every detail. Tong Zhang also said: "Yang Zishan, is a very serious actress performed up to really have a sense of diamond cut diamond, we are a professional actor, also have the fear of the acting of the heart, so that each other are used to the way the other person's handling of the characters, it is because of the war of resistance have the same understanding, so we play together with ease, really looking forward to cooperate with teacher Yang next."

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It is understood that the TV series OneandEight was created by the top blasting and special effects team in China, and was directed by a famous director Cao HuiSheng Directed by well-known actors Tong Zhang, Yang Zishan, Tianlai Hou and other leading actors, this anti-war drama has a realistic war scene effect comparable to that of Hollywood blockbuster. No wonder it has attracted great attention recently, and it is more expected that two dedicated actors Tong Zhang and Yang Zishan will cooperate again!

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