Net big brother a elder sister surfacing! benny chan (actor) raquel syncopated sets to look forward to

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Linkeddb News October 30Recently, by "net big brother"Benny Chan (actor)", "one sister online" Raquel The celestial master of infinity, starring the leading star, has been officially opened in hengdian. The show is produced by zhisheng media co., LTD, draw pictures, huashan anjian film co., LTD, le will film co., LTD. Ken Yeung Kwok Mung Directed, Zhang Yun Days as the producer, in addition to the two "network elder brothers and sisters" Benny Chan (actor), Raquel first held hands on the screen, the film also invited Norman Chu , Single Mingkai Many other actors participated in the shooting.

Net one elder brother one elder sister surfacing! .jpg

Benny Chan (actor) Raquel got his first act together

The infinity celestial master is about celestial master Zhang Lin After nine turns to jin Dan, the dragon and tiger India also follow the present world. He led his disciples to practice with great concentration, but because of the covetousness of liu wuzhu, they took advantage of it and entered the story.Benny Chan (actor)returns to wonderland to play Zhang Lin, while Raquel plays the role of tian shi's wife CAI er.

Benny Chan (actor) as Zhang Lin is known to be the only woman in the film who, despite her superior powers, is a bit domineering. No wonder many netizens feel that "such queen of triads" is also Raquel. In this way, the movie will focus on the two "big brothers and sisters"Benny Chan (actor)and Raquel, which is quite interesting. What sparks willBenny Chan (actor)and Raquel collide in the fairy world? In the end, who will win or lose? Let's wait and see!

Benny Chan (actor) Raquel syncopated drama leads to anticipation. JPG

 Benny Chan (actor) Raquel opens up a new world of netting

As for the two leading actors,Benny Chan (actor)and Raquel are worthy of the title "the big brother of the Internet" and "the big sister of the Internet". Fight against Buddha Benny Chan, whose work in this year's Shanghai film festival earned him a place in the online film market thanks to two of the biggest films on the Internet, "the legend of the blue sky"Strange Heaven, The City of Demon"Won the honor of CP for the popularity of the youku road movie theater, and" the big one "Benny Chan (actor) deserves it.

JPG:Benny Chan (actor)Raquel makes his first hit

Raquel became famous for her role in the Internet drama, the first lady of the Internet. Y u Z UI She became the queen of triads on the Internet, and Raquel later starred in the movie queen of triads ", which solidifies the status of "queen of triads" and opens the door to the big movies on the Internet. The richest man in xilong The film was released on the same day, and Raquel dominated the screen online and offline. The titles of "one sister online" and "magic drug at the box office" were added one after another.

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