Tamia liu zi yang bridgette qiao gathered in the middle of the night to eat incessantly ke wang' soul grilling 'poked her heart and was named best mentor

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Linkeddb News November 19 Hunan TV's "dear inn 2" aired its sixth episode last week. Tamia Liu Zi Yang Bridgette Qiao Long time no see box emotion is still, let not at all say Ke Wang Feeling unloved, the three sisters let themselves go in the feeding mode of Tamia Liu and the audience burst into laughter. Guest encountered "life choice questions", "talk couple" second incarnation of life tutor answer doubts and doubts, Ke Wang started the continuous gunpowder form of hate person mode, three soul torture straight poke people, and won the unanimous praise of the guests and the audience.

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Tamia Liu Zi Yang Bridgette Qiao meet to open foodie mode net friend: Ke Wang is out of favor

The latest episode, little monkey Zi Yang and Bridgette Qiao airborne inn let Tamia Liu, excited, ode to joy with three beautiful stranger feelings remain, as soon as they met for a deep feeling "bear hug" and kept talking, was speaking with Tamia Liu play looks to meet their Ke Wang completely in words, can only silently behind suitcase, "and" appearance provoked netizen laugh says: "Ke Wang even lost favour."

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Face Zi Yang, Bridgette Qiao "I fat?" this "proposition", Tamia Liu tact given out the answer at the same time, also began to worry about just to inn Bridgette Qiao ever eat rice, out from under the stuffed with snack store between content in turn feed the cookies, bread, before a second also cried out, eat two moments for weight loss camps for Tamia Liu astonished, while Shouting: "you are really actress?" side to join, to just make a large store meat noodles and hot good roast leg of lamb. The guests were aghast at the sight of all three men eating like mad men: "in my mind, you are not."

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Ke Wang three "soul torture" geng straight poke heart "talk couple" avatar life tutor point to wake up guests

This season, "talk couple" hopes to lead the inns and villagers of baiwolf town to create a better life through their own strength. Meanwhile, welcome guests to the inns to share their life with us. In order to solve this issue guest jiang yaojia's "hobby and reality how to choose" the perplexity, everyone all out, boss Ke Wang start the continuous gun form of the person: "you tough ah" "do not put so big stall ah" "you music is do to who ah" and so on a series of direct hit the heart of the question let originally seek comfort of jiang yaojia deep in thought. She not only thanked the inn for its composition, but also praised Ke Wang as the best mentor. "I think what the boss said affected me the most," she said.

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Compared with Ke Wang's directness, Tamia Liu's way of persuasion is more subtle. One guest was forced to break up with his childhood sweetheart because of family changes, and Tamia Liu patiently encouraged him to try to find her back. Although the "talk couple" adopted different ways, their original intention was to try their best to help every guest in need. Their warm and warm attitude was praised by the audience as "too warm".

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In the next program, the inns are suddenly homesick, and what's the motto of "talk and talk"? Stay tuned for this Friday night at 22:00 dear inn 2.

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