If paris is not happy' will air zhang han's breakout role as' crybaby

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Star connection September 21" If Paris is not happy "Held its premiere in Beijing yesterday, Zhang Han , Qingzi Kan The lead actor and the original author white park lake together attended.

Zhang Han showed up at the conference with a white printed shirt and plaid suit trousers.Zhang Hanplays the most tearful "Mr. Pain" tong zhuoyao. Unlike previous role plays,Zhang Hansaid the role "is not domineering, but also to the people of all people." It was also the most crying drama in his career, and served as the chief producer of the drama, which brought him new challenges and breakthroughs. When asked by the media on the spot how to handle the "crying drama",Zhang Hanresponded that he did not like the skills, emotions are from the heart.

In the scene of the game,Zhang Hangrabbed the eyedrops, "because there are so many crying scenes, after the end of the eye drops."Qingzi Kangrabbed the pizza.Zhang Haneven fedQingzi Kana pizza at the scene, playing a "three - in - one sweet shoot", causing screaming fans at the scene. The interaction between the creators also makes the audience more hopeful about the plot of the play.

The show will be broadcast exclusively on mango TV on September 23.

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