Begonia through the rain rouge through'' Deng Lun Li Yitong ''Sweet'' kiss before kissing

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" Begonia through the rain rouge through " is a drama performed by Shu-Pui Hou , an idol drama of the Republic of China. Produced by Ardy Lam , Deng Lun , Li Yitong , Hanson Ying , Zhang Ya Zhuo , Alex Fong (actor) , Carman Lee, etc. The idol idol of the Republic of China combined with elements such as family grudges and business warfare. It is a model of the "New Age Play." This time, it even exposed a group of "Sweet" theatrical stills. The fresh and romantic image is also quite eye-catching.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

"Sweet" Stills Deng Lun Li Yitong Pre-kissing does not kiss

This drama is a collection of intrigues, suspense, love, business warfare and many other elements. It incorporates new topics such as beauty makeup and enthusiasm. It uses the Rookie Agent Rouge Square as a background to innovate in the industry and continues to love the love and hate. Well, staged a Republic of China Rookie Agent Rouge drama.

Deng Lun plays Lang Yuexuan, the second-hander of Long Lang. He looks frivolous, but his eyes full of love are filled with love and affection. His life is like a salvation. His childhood experience is unexpected. Let his brother disfigured, in order to redeem him for deceive his brother, he fell in love with this woman, and began a redemption of love. In the photo, Long Yuexuan is dressed in a full-tempered suit jacket. The slightly raised mouth can feel warm love across the screen. This is to awaken people's rhythm.

Gu Haiyan, played by Li Yitong, has a wonderful make-up technique and a simple uniform can't hide the full girlish atmosphere. She should have Rookie Agent Rouge made by her ingenuity. The joy of happiness cannot be concealed. It is worth noting that the national brand “Longlichun” flourishes. Gu Haiyan has a unique interpretation of the United States and natural sensibility. When she plays, she is innocent and lovely. When she plans, she also has her own small belly, and she falls in love with the romantic and resolute Long Yuexuan. She is married to the young master of the Long House. Lang Yueming, since then, the brothers and the Lang family have been escalated in love and abuse, and the farsighted life has caused her to be a mess. At that time, she discovered that her girlfriend's love was actually the same person. The grudges and angers of the older generation seemed to be related to the Lang family. In Qing's relationship, I don't know whether the last Gu Hailing can guard his own love and guard his own Rookie Agent Rouge career.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

The two were innocent and innocent. They did not know each other and they did not expect that the spark of love was gradually spreading. The dramatic collisions caused them to fall in love, but life always liked to surprise you too. Or frightened, they both experienced betrayal and misunderstanding while guarding love. In the interweaving of love and hate, Haifei lost time, turned against their beloved, entangled them with intricate emotions, and finally ended. It is quite people looking forward to. However, we can see from the photos that Long Yuexuan and Li Yitong had kissed but did not kiss, and it was mercilessly scattered with a wave of sugar. This generous appearance of love and sweetness went to the heart, expecting your ending to be able to Like this picture is so beautiful!

Super team is excellent to create exquisite service and show the style of the Republic of China

The TV series “Begonia through the rain rouge through” tells about Gu Haiyan, who is a makeup artist. He went to the Rookie Agent Rouge workshop to find his missing father. He went to the deep corners of Langjiaxuan and Lang Yueming. At the same time, it uncovered the mystery and grievances of the older generation, and launched the “Mission Impossible” between the family's Rookie Agent Rouge business warfare, and finally united in the country’s family and hostage to jointly promote the Rookie Agent Rouge national brand. Through Gu Haiyi's makeup techniques, she has drawn extensive discussions on the beauty, and has adapted to the current trend of beauty makeup topics. The introduction of a career as a teacher is also a highly social topic. Although it is the lineup of idol dramas, it still contains connotations. , is expected to become a model of "New Age Play".

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

In order to guarantee the high quality of this drama, the exquisiteness of the service is unquestionable. In order to restore the Republican scene, the crew were almost all taken in the field. Each shot was highly authentic, considering the prevailing Western style at that time. The party also purchased a variety of imported props from the United States, France and other places. In terms of shooting, the use of modern idol drama shooting methods, regardless of the distance or close-up are trying to perfect the picture, these sincere actions, people's impression of the drama +100 ~

“Begonia through the rain rouge through” is directed by Shu-Pui Hou, a famous Hong Kong director who directed dramas such as “Demi-Gods and Demi-Devils” and “ LegendofFragrance ”, and has served as popular dramas such as “ Old Nine ” and “ Swords of Legends ”. The gold medal producer Ardy Lam supervised the production and also invited Song Xiaotao, a styling instructor who had worked on many costumes such as the Xian Xia series and the Gong Xia series, to participate in the show. The characters in the play are tailor-made. Coupled with the line-up of acting and double-play online, it's really an avenue for the Republican idol drama that is worth looking forward to. We hope to meet you soon.

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