COOLGUY omnipotent new director Jacky Heung fuchuan film festival dark and texture free switch

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Recently,Jacky HeungJoin hands with brothers and partnersMichael Chan,Enter the director group "talent CP" at the fuchuan international film festival! TheJacky Heungappeared as a new director, the film festival, dressed in a black cloak to play the diablo series, bums and hormone and the other a suit of texture gentleman of the wind, two sets of ALL BLACK  style; K freely switching, exhibition and free fashion control ability. During the post-screening interaction, the audience's frequent questions and constant praise also madeJacky Heungfeel his passion for the film.

Film "jealous"Jacky Heungusing black and white tone, by a rough sea, suggesting that people's hearts desire, and which one ACTS the role of black and white two Angle, "white" is that you want to out of family, do you want to do things he; Black is the obsessive compulsive dreamer. In the desert, on the beach to fight each other, cold and resolute expression, firm and flexible movement, give a person a kind of illusion like a real illusion! Audience after the movie, received high praise, for theJacky Heungdirector from the film "jealous," landing fuchuan international fantasy film festival video unit, and access to south Korean audience high praise.

It is reported, byJohnnie ToThe director, Jacky Heung, is expected to star in the film men and women in pursuit of their dreams in the second half of this year.

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