Li han-hsiang daughter meets andy lau daughter, the gap is clear, this is the gap between rich and poor?

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Li Han hsiang -His daughter met Andy Lau Daughter, the gap is clear, this is the gap between rich and poor?

The entertainment industry is full of meat and flowers, usually you do not remember this face, the next face on fire. Of course, in addition to the flow of florets and small meat popular, there is entertainment industry "star two generation" is also tea after the meal after the topic.

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Speaking of the second generation, I have to say from taking part in theDad, WhereAreWeGoing?"Popular Angela Wang . Angela Wang is Li han-hsiang and Yuelun Wang My daughter, even with the title of "star two", has a lot of attention. What's more, speaking such a thoughtful little cotton-padded jacket makes the audience like it so much that she has gained a large number of fans. Later, Angela Wang also participated in many variety shows and movies. But Li han-hsiang took his daughter out for a photo shoot, wearing a designer outfit and Angela Wang dressed like a "little lady" at a young age. As the saying goes, "a poor son raises a rich daughter", Li han-hsiang is giving full play to his "rich daughter".

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Li han-hsiang and Yuelun Wang married only this daughter, all the love poured into her. In addition to the physical appearance of a family, dressing up so expensive is also in line with the family income and expenditure standards. Li han-hsiang has said on the show that she knows that many people make fun of Angela Wang for being fat and all over her body, but Li han-hsiang doesn't care. She says she has only one daughter. Li han-hsiang also said his family spends 650,000 yuan a month, food alone costs 70,000 to 80,000, and his daughter's purse is worth 100,000 yuan.

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We often hear that parents are the best teachers for their children. When Li han-hsiang's daughter meets Andy Lau's daughter, it's a completely different education way. Andy Lau is One of the king of the four days, and the One who hides his family the most, probably to protect his family. Andy Lau and Carol The marriage, which was kept secret for 24 years, was revealed by their daughter, liu xiangsui, who is now 6 years old. All said that the daughter is the father's last life's little lover, Andy Lau is a real daughter slave.

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Earlier, the media exposed a group of recent photographs of liu xiangsui, long and beautiful, wearing a particularly plain, white T with female jeans, relaxed and grounded. Andy Lau's daughter is not as expensive as a bag by Angela Wang. When she meets Angela Wang, there is a clear gap. Maybe this is the gap between the rich and the rich? This is the childhood that a child should have.

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Of course, this education approach is also tied up with Andy Lau's wife, Carol. Carol has been photographed in the media, often dressed in a simple, loose and comfortable way, not at all visible as a rich lady, but also maintained particularly well, the 52-year-old still looks like a girl. Although she dresses up quietly, she teaches her daughter to be diligent and thrifty. Carol is quiet, low-key, not ostentatious, which is why Andy Lau likes her.

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