Wang Bowen starring in the urban drama “New siege” 72 top-level drama bones look good

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Wang Bowen starred in urban drama " New siege " 72 top-level drama bones look good

On April 20, the urban festivities "New siege" starring Wang Bowen appeared in the 2018 Youku Spring Collection. Screenwriter Fangjin Song brought Yang Le , nina , Wang Bowen and other star performers to help promote the TV drama platform.

Wang Bowen's “ Li Cai ” in “New siege” is an internet promoter who has a large number of talented fans and is a very popular person who has become an exporter. The prototype of this character is the famous screenwriter Shi Hang . In the play, Li Cai is much older than Wang Bowen, and the characters are mature and challenging. This makes Wang Bowen very enjoyable. "New siege" is Wang Bowen's first major metropolitan drama. Wang Bowen feels honoured to be able to work with dozens of outstanding predecessors in the play to hone his acting skills. In the media interview session, Wang Bowen, who said "sings better than to sing", also sung a piece of the album's hit song "Wandering" for on-site journalists and won praise.

"New siege" is produced by Zhou Yaping , written by Fangjin Song and directed by Xiaole Wang . It is an episode of love anxiety, marriage entanglement, workplace tossing, focusing on love and marriage, recording new urban life, and telling about the background of Beijing. Urban square story. At the event, the drama was first exposed for 90 seconds. Yang Le, nina, Wang Bowen, Chenguang Zhang , Guanhua Liang , Liu Min Tao , Li Niu , Michelle , Huang Shengyi , Pei Liu , Lü Zhong , Hao Lei , Rina Sa , Entai Yu , Lu Zhaohua, etc. , Comedy and comedy, good things.

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