Big S for Xiaofei Wang's big S skin stealing users have asked maintenance cheats

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Big S for Xiaofei Wang Qingsheng Big S skin stealing users have asked maintenance tips on June 27 is Xiaofei Wang's 37th birthday, just after zero, his wife Big S sweetly sent a blessing to her husband Xiaofei Wang: "Dear Husband, Happy Birthday. May we always be dead kids who love each other! Love you” The birthday of each couple is the day when the husband and wife spread their dog food. Every year’s birthday will be a blessing to each other. It’s really enviable. companion.





Big S is a birthday celebration for Xiaofei Wang. Netizens are attracted to the milky skin of Big S in addition to sending their blessings. The big S in the photo is white and has no beauty or filters. Although Big S is already the mother of two children, the skin care is really good and the skin is like a girl. Seeing this netizen said one after another: This skin is also very good ... ... users have asked maintenance tips. Her husband Xiaofei Wang also joined the comment area and said: Look, there is absolutely no ps.


Recently, the intimate tribute show “Happiness Trio,” an intimate observation program that the two have joined together, has also issued a two-person propaganda film. The happiness is full of screens. Many netizens are very much looking forward to the performance of the couple in the program.




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