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The night debuted in November

Linkeddb News November 8 These days we can see many movies and TV plays are remade by cultivation novels, many of the original novel are usually well-received, while the quality of the remade works is not so good. In November, however, there was a hit show, "MOE xin," which was popular for both the original  novel fans and the first time to watch " Ever Night ". "Ever Night" is a cultivation novel serialized in Qidian novel site and it hitted The number of 60 million PageViews, The original author has been classified as a master of online literature writers, more has The same name comic "Ever Night" release. It's much more familiar than what you've heard before. "Battle though heaven "" Martial Universe "Ever Night" as a rising star has also led to a wave of online literature boom!

"Battle though heaven"and"Martial Universe"are both very high popularity IPs,but the remaking work don't desirable. Many origin novel fans complained the crew team cut too much details made  dudience cofused. Others are unhappy about production such as special effects,scene and stage property everywhere revealed its low budget. However, "Ever Night" drama recived different evaluation, even the casting are not famous star but they acted a great job. Some audience are very enjoy the music especially the theme music "Chang an Night".

The night cast dared to use new people

Refuse the over power hero; The growth of the subaltern is more interesting

With crabbe Sphere and Stars change "These extraordinary talent of the protagonist is different, no family background illustrious origin, protagonist ning lack of family even as a child was also accused of being destroyed, had to flee. The world pattern, the 100 families in the gate seems to be out of reach, without the heavenly weapon and the world help, can only move forward step by step with difficulty. An ordinary youth, but performed the common people's struggle to exonerate for the family, and then involved in the court dispute, and ultimately the rescue of the world. I am not born strong, just born strong.

Changan night sings the prosperity of the empire

Grand theme music; Jane Zhang Sing sword hero chivalrous sentiment to listen better

This theme song "Chang an night" is different from the traditional Chinese music, and contains many R&amp songs. B element, the combination of Chinese and western elements not only shows the melodious Chinese folk music, but also with R& The B element is lively and cheerful. Invite famous musicians Reno Wang He also recommended Jane Zhang to sing. "So chang 'an" opens with Jane Zhang's unique singing, bringing you into The world that "The night" wants to show with a clear, narrative tone. "See through all the right and wrong in this world. Desperate for you changan an umbrella night will be a symbol of burning & NBSP; The night is over. These few chorus lyrics, coupled with Jane Zhang's languid changing from strength to strength, not only increase the sense of hierarchy of the song, but also demonstrate the world of the world and the rivers and rivers of swordsmen incisively and vividly.

Crystal Yuan plays mo shan's gentle and elegant character

Dare to use new people & NBSP; The new face of using acting power is more durable

From playing the leading actor ning is missing Chen Feiyu To the heroineS.I reineAnd many of the other characters in the show are new faces. Many people must have heard their names for the first time, but were struck by their lively performances in the play. Although the show does not employ many celebrities and traffic stars, the actors are impeccable in both appearance and acting, no less than other works. Chen Feiyu plays the indomitable lack of ning, Zoey Playing the leaf red fish with distinct love and hate, Crystal Yuan The gentle and elegant mo shan mountains are impressive. It is indeed The Yangtze river that moves forward, and I wish The night can maintain its popularity. "The night" TV drama not only can present The original party with a magnificent and grand imagination world, but also can bring a massive and magnificent Oriental legend to The TV drama audience!

Adapted from TV series for The night novel

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