Jackie chan led her, chen peisi praised her, dicky cheung pet her, married for 6 years, now 40 years old like a girl 20 years old

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Jackie Chan led her, Chen Peisi praised her, Dicky Cheung pet her, married for 6 years, now 40 years old like 20 years old girl

mentionedAnnie Wu (actress)The name, you may not be familiar with it. But when it comes to her success, I'm sure many people know. Remember and Peter Ho , Vincent Zhao Does it star in "the wind and the wind"? She is kong ci in the play. Annie Wu (actress-actress) is one of the luckiest actresses in the entertainment industry. Jackie Chan took her into the business with Chen Peisi.

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Annie Wu (actress-actress), born in Taiwan, China, was recruited by Jackie Chan as an actress. At 16, she made her first film, simple tasks. When she was 19, Annie Wu was known for her role in the New Year's film three and a half men, starring actress Chen Peisi.

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In 2001, it became popular with audiences for its leading role in "the wind and the west". In the same year, he played "shuanger" with Dicky Cheung "Andy and Kang Xi", which was spoiled by Dicky Cheung over the screen. Annie Wu (actress-actress) can be said to have a smooth and promising career, but she faded out of the spotlight after appearing in no. 8 pawnshop in 2002.

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Actress Annie Wu's acting career is getting forgotten, but her love life is colorful. Annie Wu is said to have stepped down from acting as an actress after finding Aaron Liao, 3 years older than her, to know each other. Aaron Liao has a distinguished family and military background.

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Annie Wu and Aaron Liao married in 2012, Alec Su and Ruby Lin Everyone showed up. The actress, who has a daughter, has said she will not quit acting and will pursue her favorite acting career, but appears to be focusing on her family.

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A recent photo by Annie Wu shows the 40-year-old actress as a twentysomething with a big smile on her face. We look forward to Annie Wu's beautiful family and new productions.

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