Summer of the Foam' Qin Junjie's breath to the vomiting blood flop fans was commented on 'The Debris Flow of the Love Bean Circle

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The pure love idol drama " The Summer of Bubbles " edited by Xiaoxi Ming is being broadcast from Tuesday to Thursday. The drama culminated yesterday. Qin Chenjie played the European crown to restore all memory, in the face of Xia Mo and Luoxi open affair and Xia Mo's indifference and refusal, Ouchen gas to vomit blood, once again "distressed European Chen" pushed to the search list first.

Yesterday's network VIP story, Ou Chen recalled all the memory, in the cherry tree that once broke up, Ou Chen asked Yin Xia Mo "have you liked me in the end," Xia Mo's firm denial of Ouchen to vomit blood. Once again, Eurochen’s request for compounding was exchanged for Xia Mo’s “We have been unable to go back”. The successive crits not only made Euro Chen despair, but the audience also expressed that “every day is the day of real-name system distressed European Chen. ".

The story of Ou Chen’s heart-warming emotions in the play caused netizens to say that they were “all glass slag” while Qin Junjie continued to warm their hearts to “sugar”. A few days ago, Qin Junjie interacted with fans of the audience frequently to not only cheer for college students but also to “big 20 jins of meat” with fans. He was evaluated by fans as “a mudslide in the love of beans”.

It is reported that next week the show will usher in a reversal of the plot, and if Ou Chen can bring back a sweet bridge section, please continue to look forward to "The Summer of Bubbles."

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