Joke to ng man tat - 30 years after the shaolinpopey2: messytemple reunited with you

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It's 24 years since we parted Kevin Chu Directed by the Ning Wang , Lianshun Kong , Zhi, Wang, , Ng Man tat - , Jiang Chaoliang Starring, Siu - Man Fok , Zhang Zhidong , Li Lingyu Core, Junhao Zhang Starring jinjing longxing, Song Xiaobao , Eric Tsang , Chuan - Chen Yeh Special performance in the family comedy New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes "" will be released on Friday (aug 17). Recently, the film released a set of "feelings" poster, Ng man-tat and "stinky fart" siu-man Fok, goddess xiaohong and other stars appear in the same frame, familiar faces and modeling moments brought the audience's memories back to 1994.

Ng man-tat childlikeChuan - Chen Yehgoddess still

This exposure of this "feelings version" of the poster, the soft texture is full of 90s retro flavor. Abbot master chang mei (Ng man-tat) has a white beard but a big smile. Siu-man Fok smiled and nodded, as if to say, "haven't seen you for years. The most amazing thing is that xiao hong, the goddess infatuated with by the great master, has been elegant for many years.

In the 1994 edition of the Wulong at In the movie, the scene of Ng man-tat singing "kiss goodbye" with deep emotion outside the goddess's window becomes a scene that fans are fond of talking about. Now the master has become a abbot, and his feelings for xiao hong have been deeply buried in his heart. " ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple In the film, xiao hong will appear at a mysterious time. As for the interpretation of the role, Ng man-tat has his own opinion: "when my idol appears, I will act like a child. Such naivety is not intentionally made, which is also a good place for the movie". The reunion of old friends is bound to bring great affection to movie fans.

24 years to renew the classic domestic top comedy team escort "ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple"

"ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple" since filming, which hosted the 80, 90 after two generations fans have been looking forward to work his childhood memory. The film is the first starring role for 65-year-old Ng man-tat, known as the golden leaf. When it comes to the original intention of taking the film, darth - shu says it is because of the director Kevin Chu.Wulong atwas in its prime when the two filmed it, as if they had an inexhaustible supply of passion and energy. With fond memories and visions, the two old partners decided to restart theWulong atseries, hoping to make another work that would bring us joy.

Time flies, 24 years like an instant. Even the smelly fart has grown into a mainstay of Wulong hospital, and the children watching the film have established a family and a career. The copywriting on the poster makes people cry, especially the long eyebrow master said to xiao hong, "I've been waiting for you here for 30 years, and you've finally come", tao did love each other. "I've been here for a long time, and you've finally arrived.

Pre-sale full open laugh star assembly tribute classic

As Wulong at series of classic continues, "ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple" took the audience eyeball. The whole network wants to see more than 700,000 people, which is among the most popular films in the summer release. Visible, "ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple" as a Chinese file only a family comedy film, and has a strong audience base. In addition to the original cast, such as Ng man-tat, siu-man Fok and chuan-chen Yeh, the film also gathers a large number of well-known comedy stars such as Ning Wang, Lianshun Kong, Zhi Wang, Song Xiaobao, Eric Tsang, etc. These top domestic comedy team members such as happy twist, wan hetian yi and benshan media bring new expectations to the audience. At present, the film is officially on pre-sale. On August 17, the audience can make an appointment with their family and friends to see Wulong hospital, which has been away for many years, and laugh back to their childhood together in light and shadow.

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