Zhao wei alec su with denkin nine double cover camera in front of the unconcealed friends tacit

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Zhao Wei Alec Su I can't hide my friends from the camera

Zhao Wei Alec Su's 'golden nine' double cover shoot for 'fashion COSMO' came to light recently. On the double cover,Zhao Weishowed off elegance and poise by pairing a thick knit coat with a beret, whileAlec Suwore a black peak-lapel trim suit, highlighting the mature charm of yuppie. Both of them stare at the camera, smile warm, many years old friends full of tacit understanding. In the solo cover,Zhao Weiwore a plaid silhouette suit, staring intently at the hard and magnificent front. The whole series perfectly interprets the firm and free and easy temperament ofZhao WeiAlec Su in different states with simple yet stylish texture.

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