Take a photo with zhang yimou, 68 years old, and betty sun interpret the word “quality” in two moves. no wonder she has been famous for 14 years.

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And a 68 - year - old Zhang Yimou A group photo, Betty Sun Two moves to interpret the word "quality", no wonder can be red 14 years

These days, it's awards season. The golden horse awards have come to a close. The editor is going to share with you what happened on the golden horse awards.

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A closer look at this year's golden horse awards nominees, Deng Chao The couple, along with Betty Sun, were also shortlisted. Even though they didn't win the prize, the couple's acting skills were unquestioned. Not only do the couple play well, they also have a high eq. Two of Betty Sun's moves have interpreted the word "quality".

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Attending the golden horse awards, there will certainly be red carpet, photos and other links. Deng Chao and Betty Sun were also nominated for the film by Zhang Yimou. Naturally, the three of them posed together in a frame. At the time of the photo, Betty Sun was originally standing with Deng Chao, while director Zhang Yimou stood by. However, when Betty Sun stood in the C position, she saw this scene and made two movements immediately, which really reflected her high quality and high eq.

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Seeing that she occupied the C position, the director of Zhang Yimou stood on one side. Betty Sun immediately changed her position with the director of Zhang Yimou, and let the director of Zhang Yimou stand in the middle. As for the film, Zhang Yimou has a higher position in terms of its seniority. So, Betty Sun's move is commendable!

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The next move let the audience see the quality of Betty Sun. After changing the position, Betty Sun always looked at the position of her toes to see if she could surpass the director Zhang Yimou. Betty Sun didn't stand until after Zhang Yimou. This is just like when we were young, we had to hold hands when we brought food to our elders, and we couldn't touch the elders when we clinked glasses with them.

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Looking at the details Betty Sun pays attention to, netizens say: Betty Sun seems to have a reason to be so popular. Now Betty Sun and Deng Chao are the model couple in the entertainment industry, and have a pair of lovely children, really make others envy!

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