Nick the real nick chou was invited to the bazaar star charity night x jj lin gue private dinner for a handsome surprise

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Linkeddb News October 18 NICKTHE Real Nick Chou After the completion of the new rap program in China, a new rap album is being prepared. Recently, it has become a new favorite of the fashion and timely fashion media circle, and it is invited to attend the annual fashion feast "BAZAAR star charity night". He wore an elegant outfit that night Christian Dior The suit, paired with the Converse shoes and Cody Sanderson ring, was more handsome than the other heroes on the red carpet. That night, Nick Chou sang the hit single "What you gon do", using his rap power to contribute to the charity night.

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Two days later he was invited to China JJ Lin GUE Ed. Phil Chang Invited by JJ Lin GUE and BYREDO hipster designers Ben Affleck Gorham's private dinner, where she talks to celebrities and supermodels Ming Xi Let's wait for old friends to get together again.

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