Brave world' liu yan by princess jiang du zhang han with double braids lovely lovely

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August 17, 2018: at 12:00 PM today, the third episode of the big live-action science fiction experiment, brave world, will continue with the last episode of the all-powerful goddess Liu Yan (actress) Will continue to serve as the flying guest with Zhang Han , Joe Chan , Cheng Xiao, Emma Wu , Jiang Du , Di Yang , Wang Linkai , Huang Minghao , ding zeyen, Ziqian Guo, The other teams were fighting on the battlefield. In the trailer, Liu Yan (actress-actress) has stirred the curiosity of many fans by making a gentle joke about Di Yang's "short". In the early photos, Liu Yan (actress-actress) stands on the shooting platform, takes props alone under the scorching sun, and holds up bricks with fierce eyes. When interacting with other guests, she holds the fan with "MVP" in her hand, which seems to indicate something. Zhang Han, princess Jiang Du, and Liu Yan (actress-actress) are more curious about why they want to finish the job. Besides these two, who are the male guests who get this benefit? Also check out "brave world" on mango TV at 12:00 PM today.

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