“liangsheng” concluded official meng-long yu's emotional interpretation of “little devil's metamorphosis history”

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Meng-long Yu emotional interpretation. JPG

Linkeddb News November 22& have spent Adapted from le mi's novel of the same name,Liu Chun - ChiehDirected, Wallace Chung , Tianyu Ma , Yi Sun ,Meng - long YuAnd other leading urban emotion dramaLiang sheng, can we not be sad"In high ratings, high public praise greeted the end. Cheng tianen (Meng long Yu), after a series of events, finally opens his heart to his family, completing the transition from "little devil" to "little angel" and drawing tears from the audience.

"Liangsheng" to welcome the closing officialMeng - long Yuopen heart and Wallace Chung reconciliation

"Liang sheng, can we not be sad" came to the end, in which the changes of cheng tianen also affected the hearts of the audience. When he learns of his brother's guilt over the years, Wallace Chung opens up to him: "but I'm doomed to stay where I am." "I really want to be a good brother." Cheng tianen sincere words, and the release after the audience exultation.

Meng-long Yu side smiles. JPG

After a reconciliation between cheng tianen and cheng tianyou, the brothers played table tennis together in the plot,Meng - long Yudid not have a single line, but through the expression of eyes and micro expressions, cheng tianen from the struggle to release the process explained incisively and vividly. The audience can not help but sigh: god en finally put down the knot, released everything. I love his hard years.

Meng-long Yu deep and touching. JPG

Meng-long Yu interprets the little devil's metamorphosis history

As a key character in Liang sheng, can we not be sad, cheng tianen's change can be described as the "little devil's metamorphosis history".Meng - long Yuhimself admitted that after playing many of the "sunshine boy" roles of wen run ruyu, meeting cheng tianen "is a rare challenge and test".

Meng-long Yu's gradual acting, grasp cheng tianen's entangled characters and complex psychological changes. Will Cheng Tianen originally an irritating "doing things", to the middle face relatives and the tangle of love and what to do, to open up finally, rehabilitation, brave to embrace life growth and transformation into cascade interpretations of natural and attractive, arouses the same characters in different periods of "contrast" deductive also reflected the Meng - long Yu precision of acting.


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