Yang ming yi won best supporting actor at canadian international film festival' su moer legend 'as mystery killer

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Linkeddb News October 9 Recently, he won the best supporting actor award at the Canadian international film festival Yang Ming Yi , new Su moer legend The show was officially launched. The play by Baishanxiang Directed, Ruoxi Du , Yikuan Yan Starring, Dalong Fu Co-starring Yang Ming Yi. Among them, aktun, played by Yang Ming Yi, is a fierce assassin of a loyal protector beside huang tai chi, whose mysterious appearance and identity make the audience full of curiosity.

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Yang Ming Yi is the mysterious killer of qing dynasty

Su moer legend, a TV drama set in the turbulent post-jin period, tells the story of Su mo 'er (Su ma la gu), the first lady in the qing dynasty, who went from herdswoman to qing palace, and finally accompanied by dorgon. Among them, Yang Ming Yi plays aktun, the mysterious killer of qing dynasty, whose fierce loyalty and mysterious dressing are very impressive. He has a strong martial arts, but he is loyal to huangtaiji, guard at the side for its elimination of all obstacles, danxin can learn. This is the first time for Yang Ming Yi to challenge the role of the killer. The height of 183cm and the angular features combined with the refined modeling of the killer in the upper qing dynasty make the tough temperament more prominent. In the play, although he is often shown in a masked state, the ferocity and boldness in his eyes still make the audience feel the fierce character of his character, which makes them expect his subsequent role development.

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The best supporting actor at the international film festival, Yang Ming Yi, honed himself

Yang Ming Yi, a graduate of the Beijing film academy, is known for his work" LOST IN APOCALYPSE "The rich part of the villain won the best supporting actor award, his professional performance and tireless efforts have been recognized from the industry at home and abroad. In the film cycling angel, based on the true story, he restores the medical practice of the village doctor he xinglong for 17 years to save lives and heal injuries by virtue of his simple and natural acting skills. He has not only won the recognition of the prototype he xinglong, but also moved the audience.

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In fact, besides acting, Yang Ming Yi has another level of identity -- people's teacher. After graduating from college, he chose to work as a performance teacher in the university. He polished himself in the academic atmosphere of performance, and spent his time in communication with students who love performance. Because of his love and pure love for acting, he kept moving forward in this way, presenting "there is a place called malan", "anti-japanese hero zhao shangzhi", "assassination of zero" and" Naked marriage And so on.

Yang Ming Yi

It is reported that the TV drama Su moer legend, starring Yang Ming Yi, has been officially launched. The show will be updated for two episodes from Monday to Wednesday at 8 p.m., looking forward to his wonderful performance.

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