Wu xiubo was her former assistant during her 31 years' career. after three marriages, she was happy.

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Out of 31 years Wu Xiubo It was her former assistant who had a rough time of his life

The entertainment industry is full of meat and flowers, usually you do not remember this face, the next face on fire. In this era of star-making fast food, there is still a strong group of actors and actresses who are strictly required to take the drama with high quality. In her 31 years in the world, she did not do many works, but every role is classic. That's what we're talking about today Pei Liu, .

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Pei Liu was born into an art family. Her father is a director and her mother is a drama actress. She was brought up by her family and was destined to become attached to the film circle.

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In 1987,Pei Liu,was cast in the king of gessar and has been in the entertainment industry ever since. In 1993, she and Wang Zhiwen , Jiang Shan Cooperation" After addiction "" won the golden eagle award for best supporting actress and began to shine in the entertainment industry. In 1997, and Ge You Star of" TheDreamFactory She won the best actress in a leading role award at the hundred flowers awards. And then she did" The Red carnation "And became the audience's favorite actress. Later, she appeared in many excellent works, such as going to the sea, Old by the , drama balcony "And so on.

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Pei Liu has had a good career, but he is far more emotional than the opera. Previously, media reports have revealed that she worked with the now-famous goofy uncleWu Xiuboin the film TheWeddingGown "While the two were having an affair. In fact, they were younger. Wu Xiubo, who used to be Pei Liu's assistant, also said that without Pei Liu, I would have starved to death. It is said thatPei Liu,helpedWu Xiuboout of his predicament at the most difficult time. The two men are best friends.

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First marriage: Jian Zhang, That's right.Pei Liu,metJian Zhang,while filming the Kyoto chronicle TV series.Jian Zhang,is a single father. Nonetheless, the two quickly fell in love. Two years later,Pei Liu,married Jian Zhang. Good start, but unexpected results. After marriage, the conflicts between them become more and more serious due to the lack of communication and the differences in personality between them. Later,Pei Liu,andJian Zhang,broke up peacefully, but the two remain friends. After the failure of their marriage,Jian Zhang,might feel guilty aboutPei Liu,and try to win Wu Xiubo. Later,Jian Zhang,andPei Liu,also got married separately.

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Second marriage:A year later,Pei Liu,was working with the show's director on "military secrets. Zhang Li, After dating,Pei Liu,walked down the aisle again and the couple had a child together. However, the marriage ended after only three years. The divorce was due to Zhang Li's cheating Song Jia (actress-born 1980) As a result, the two failed marriages hitPei Liu,hard.

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Third marriage:After the marriage failed, she took her son and became a single mother. She once said: "the son is really sensible, originally she takes the son, but finally the son takes her." Two people are attached to each other. By this time,Jian Zhang,was single again and the two were still good friends.Jian Zhang,is caring to Pei Liu. But nowPei Liu,is physically and mentally exhausted, and Jian Zhang's son has grown up, in the entertainment industry is still a minor Zhang Ruoyun . Despite some misgivings, she marriedJian Zhang,again with her son after being hit hard by her husband's affair. One netizen laments, this is imperceptible also is to husband's cheat a kind of lesson.

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Today, althoughPei Liu,has experienced many emotional ups and downs, but still found a good home.Jian Zhang,is also generous in accepting her son and treating him like his own son. In terms of entertainment,Pei Liu,has also said that she doesn't mind doing love affairs, affairs and so on. It can be seen thatPei Liu,is really happy and walks out of the shadow of marriage.Pei Liu,is hot, but at 51 she looks like a girl. The editor also expectsPei Liu,to be happy all the time.

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