Tianlin Zhai's name was mispronounced saying "still needs to work hard"

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Tianlin Zhai's name was wrongly written: Tianlin Zhai issued a document saying "still need to work hard"


The Shanghai TV Festival "Magnolia" awards ceremony held last night was a star gathering. With the " WhiteDeerPlain ", " MeinhalbesLeben ", " Nothing gold can stay " and other dramas entered the nomination of the big coffee, Bing He won the men's and men's double nomination and eventually won the title of the best man, Yili Ma then pick The crown of the best woman.

屏幕快照 2018-06-16 下午4.35.03.png

What is more interesting is Tian Li Zhai who was the best male nomination candidate for "White Xiaowen" in "WhiteDeerPlain". Participating in Magnolia's award was after Tianlin Zhai had just participated in the defense of the doctoral dissertation. However, the organizer mistakenly wrote his name as “Hey Tian Tian Lin”. Afterwards, he said in Twitter that he “thought he was already burning enough”. Self-sufficiency still needs efforts.

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