Shirley Wong sings the song' heart sutra '.

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Shirley Wong,The lyrics of the song "heart sutra" are introduced

Shirley Wong


Line shenprajna jackfruit more than

The five aggregates are empty

Spend all your troubles

The color of the shariah is not different

Empty is not different color

Color is either empty or empty

The same is true of the learned

The shariah is an empty aspect of the dharma

No growth, no destruction, no scale, no purification, no increase, no decrease

The sky is colorless


No eye, ear, nose, tongue or body

Colorless sound and fragrance touch

Without vision and without consciousness

There is no ignorance

There is no limit to ignorance

Not even old

There is no end to old age

Painless channel

Neither wit nor gain

Out of pocket

The bodhi Mr Duo

Iprajna jackfruit is very popular

There is no one

No one reason

No more terror

Stay away from reverse dreams

What nirvana

Iii the buddhas

Iprajna jackfruit is very popular

Attaining anuttara - samak - sambodhi

It is known that prajna jackfruit is abundant

Is a great god curse

Daming is a curse

Is a great charm

It's a wait-and-wait charm

To take away all pain

Real is not empty

So prajna jackfruit is a curse

Said that zhou yue

Jie truths revealed truths

The Baltic monk the bodhi sabha

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