Sitar tan surprise adaptation dou wei' outside the window

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Linkeddb News December 3& have spent Since the third season of "the voice of dreams", a large-scale music dream program of zhejiang satellite TV, was launched, "dream mentor" Sitar Tan While helping plain people to realize their dreams, they also performed on the stage for many times, and their adapted stage often broke out with different music energy. In the sixth issue of the program, Sitar Tan surprisingly adapted "idol". Dou Wei "Out of the window", for this also learned the new skills of the player disc.

Sitar Tan sings

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& have spent & have spent & have spent Sitar Tan adapted and sang "outside the window" artistic conception and lasting appeal is full, showing pure to the extreme music texture, the opening also added ethereal melodious hand disc, and won JJ Lin Play with all your heart. Sitar Tan's clean, clear and powerful singing voice is warm and full of warmth. With solid singing skills, the song is long and long, and the stage is full of tension, which has won widespread praise. It is worth mentioning that the stage modeling of Sitar Tan is also very eye-catching. She does not have the skirt that thinks opportunely to wear small show sweet shoulder when jacket, blue wave dot trousers has avatar to look at feeling quite namely, fluorescent green and sky blue bump color collocation is bold and avant-courier, red lip is gorgeous more add gas field, its fashionable expressional force is visible one spot.

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& have spent & have spent & have spent Sitar Tan has always tried to jump out of her own safety zone, and the CD is her next breakthrough after dancing and jazz. The she that never contacted this kind of musical instrument practices fingering painstakingly backstage, practiced oneself to cry at one time, but she does not say to give up, in order not to affect the practice on the spot forthright ground takes off earring... Finally the effort paid off, when the stage performance triggered bursts of cheers. And she in the song dabble in the universality is obvious to all, by the host Hu Qiaohua Known as the "walking dictionary" of Chinese pop music, "zhonghua xiaoqu library" is worthy of the name.

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