The movie "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" released "The Borderless" special edition of 200 top filmmakers in 35 countries to build a "new world of Shura"

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The film " Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu " releases "The Borderless Country" special edition The top 200 filmmakers in 35 countries build "The new world of Shura"

Today, the film "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" publishes a special "Borderless" special. In the spirit of film art without borders, "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu", which includes 200 top movie talents from 35 countries, created a whole "Sura new world" and how it incorporated Hollywood-level technology into the language of Chinese movies. territory? This section gives the answer. It is reported that the movie "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" will land on the national theater on July 13.

Beautiful scenery brings ultimate visual experience 40000 Kilometers Square meter shed building is called “Artwork”

Charlie Iturriaga, director of visual effects for the film “Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu”, and Oscar Chichoni, director of fine arts, joined the group as early as the preparatory stage and sought to find the scenery that best fits the ancient world and Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu in the movie setting. They searched for the mountains and rivers in China and finally found seven beautiful landscapes, and presented them through various visual effects. In addition, in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of the theme “desire” in the setting of “Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu”, Oscar Chichoni, the artistic director, implemented the concept of being close to the real and unique in every shed setting, including only doctors. The scene in the laboratory used more than 2,000 items and even the books portrayed the Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu language, which was created specifically to achieve the ultimate in production standards.

"Gobs" Ngila Dickson breaks the traditional "growth clothing" unique

In the traditional film production system, the starring costumes will be elaborately produced, while the other supporting costumes will be moderately streamlined, but the clothing and styling design of “Nanjing Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu” breaks this tradition. As a fashion designer who has participated in the world-famous films such as "The Lord of the Rings" and won an Oscar for her award, she believes that creating a new world is the first to show its uniqueness. She therefore designs a unique costume for everyone in the Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu community. The design of more than 500 pieces of “growth costumes” was finally presented, giving the Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu brand new colors and vitality.

Unique new biological Six-sided LED to create "pure love" heaven

Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu world is the ultimate desire world, so all creatures must meet the "desire to grow" requirements, "no depression" and "no heartlessness" will be born upon request, with a sense of mystery, but also side shows Kujakuô: King Ashuradensetsu's tyrannical desire. At the same time, Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu's three heads are the product of the development of ultimate desire and the inevitable result of the pursuit of film art. The trajectory of the simulated light is required for shooting, so that the three heads of light match perfectly and it is very difficult. The CG figure “Tuka,” which was created with a cost of 6.5 million U.S. dollars, possesses the perfect personality that most CG characters lack in most movies. In order to show the character emotions and character traits of Figure Card, special effects companies use image rendering technology and facial expression capture. Technology, let the card real. Unlike the Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu community, heaven is a map of perfection and love. In order to perfectly present the heavens, the creative designers designed a complex lighting system to create a horizon through six-sided LED screens exceeding 1,500 square meters, challenging the technical limit. .

4th World War brings a roller-coaster ride

As a giant action, the film's four major battles pushed the film to another climax, and the behind-the-scenes story of the Fourth World War was also revealed in the special edition. The actors had received up to four months of pre-simulation training long before they were filmed. Creatively, they added element of parkour in the action design of the Cliff Battle. This is a new attempt for action drama. Greater challenge to the actor. With visual turmoil still far from enough, "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" also presents an auditorium for the audience. The film party not only invited the famous composer Trevor Morris to create background music for the film, but also invited the London Symphony Orchestra to play the music for the film.

It is reported that this film is produced by Hong Tao Yang , president of Ningxia Film Group, producer, producer, Yang Zhen Kam, producer and producer, and directed by Pang Ho-cheung as a fantasy film "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" by Ningxia Film Group. And Zhen Jian Film Industry R&D, together with Strong Vision Media, Ali Pictures, Land Film, Golden Horse Fund, Vertical and Horizontal Music Video, Yanhua Media, Sanshijiu Culture, Jitai Film, Mini Media, Spring Films , Muyiyuan Media, Zhongke Particles, Bogao Film Group, Univision Film and Television, Micro Era, Entertainment Culture, Haoren Yuantai Dejia Culture, Ningxia SDIC Group, Baozi Jiangshan Ventures, Xiangyi Eagle , the story of Ma Yingye Investment, Lei Wu , Tony Leung Ka-Fai , Carina Lau , Zhang Yishang , Ming Dao , Jia-yi Feng , Kiki , Duobujie , Tuka and other starred in the joint , will weigh heavily on July 13, 2018 Debut.

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