Marriage Adventures'' Wu Di''''''''''''s "Lei Kang" is a good man for love

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Song Yang's urban emotional inspirational drama " Marriage Adventures " will be broadcast. In the play, Lei Kang partner Han Xue (actress) and Huang Ming play Wu Di , who is the fashion dancer of love.


"Marriage Adventures" tells the story of the young and old people who drifted in the aftermath of the 85's. They have been struggling to live in big cities. Although they feel powerless in the face of reality, a group of aspiring young people have dreams of inspirational stories with hope for the future. Lei Kang plays Wu Di, a fashion dancer who loves dance in the play. He is immersed in his own art with simple and unpretentious things. But his ill-fated life meets him when his illness is dying. The "Huang Yuying", staged a sibling romance.


Lei Kang said: "In the play Wu Di and Huang Yuying's sister are not favored, but Wu Di's affection and love of love touched everyone." Because Lei Kang believes that "love will be the most beautiful appearance, when the dawn rises, quietly open the fog and let the loved ones meet. May all true love thrive in the forest of true feelings, and fall into the roots and become perfect." Therefore, when Lee Kang performed "Wu Di," he said that Wu Di's love interpretation was pure and enthusiastic. Many of the heavy-duty dramas are decorated with their hearts, and they have been touched many times by this figure. He confessed "If he meets the right person in his life, I will certainly play for love, because this is a man's due responsibility."

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