Remember the little pigeon in my fair princess? now at 31, she's like a girl.

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Do you remember" My Fair Princess "The little pigeon? Now at 31, she's like a teenager

Which episodes do you think of when it comes to holiday dramas? One of the most popular TV shows of My childhood was undoubtedly the first to come to mind: My Fair Princess. It seems that many viewers are used to watching My Fair Princess during the holiday season, including the leading role Alec Su Still send the feeling of feeling: hear recently was hit back again original form?

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Indeed, My Fair Princess is a classic TV series that has accompanied many audiences in their childhood. The actors who play the characters in the show are doing well, for example Zhao Wei , Alec Su, Ruby Lin I'm going to introduce this guy to you today. Do you remember the little pigeon in My Fair Princess?

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My Fair Princess Hu Ya Si . Hu Ya Si was just 12 years old when she was filming My Fair Princess, and the show also brought more attention to Hu Ya Si.

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While filming My Fair Princess, Hu Ya Si wore a pair of whips and a costume costume, which was very cute and made the little street pigeons look real. Hu Ya Si has delicate features, and has a cute face, round eyes and a pretty little beauty.

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Hu Ya Si officially entered the entertainment industry in 1993, starring in his first TV series, "long days of war." Besides, I also participated in the shooting of the music video of the children's song "niuniu". As a child, Hu Ya Si was also versatile, and entered the children's palace to learn music and dance at the age of three. At the age of four, he was admitted to the small star class of Chinese children's studio. Since then, Hu Ya Si has also shot a number of advertising works, and also participated in many cultural evening parties held by CCTV and Beijing TV. After starring in My Fair Princess, in 2000, Hu Ya Si also starred in the national emotion drama Grief Over QingHe River ". Later, Hu Ya Si chose to quit the entertainment industry to finish her studies.

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Born in 1987, Hu Ya Si, after graduating with a master's degree, chose to become a music teacher in Singapore to teach children to play the piano. Today, Hu Ya Si is 31 years old, but a Babyface with long hair, or as a girl, beautiful do not want not.

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Do you remember her performance in My Fair Princess? Comments and comments are welcome!

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