Adia chan' 'mamma mia' ends up in great shape for the show

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 Linkeddb News October 30& have spent The musical "mamma mia" moved to guangzhou and entered its final period. actor Adia Chan As the leading role in a series of promotional activities full of energy, excellent state.

On the same day, Adia Chan appeared in the guangzhou grand theater together with the cast of mamma mia!, performing the classic scenes in a flash, and the media and audience cried "looking forward to the public performance". Speaking to the media, Adia Chan said of her love affair with mamma mia! She says she grew up a big fan of the band ABBA and knows the classics of mamma mia! By heart. Now that the show is in its final stretch, Adia Chan says she has improved a lot in terms of physical strength and the lines she wants to play Donna Mills Positive energy that brings joy to the audience.

Adia Chan will perform at the guangzhou grand theater on Nov. 16. Let us look forward to it together!

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