Find you' 'an all-female audience' opens with a pre-screening of yao chen yili ma's stand-up performance.

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Star connection September 4by Lu make Director director, Yao Chen, , Yili Ma Starring double women Find you, The film will be released in full on September 30 on National Day. On September 4, the film held its premiere viewing event at the Oscar xidi Hong Kong international film city. It was the first time that the concept of "all-female audience" appeared in the Chinese language film industry.

As the only realistic film in National Day 2018, "find you" is about two different mothers who find love and salvation in a world of contradictions and dilemmas because of one child. The film adopts the rare dual-heroine setting in Chinese films. For the first time, two powerful actresses,Yao Chen,and Yili Ma, have gathered together for a storm on the big screen, contributing their performances at the film level and elaborately interpreting two different images of mothers. The film shot natural and real, the story is interlinked, showing the maternal love tough indestructible theme, shocking people.

"Find you" broke out during the Shanghai film festival, gaining numerous audience praise along the way. Recently, as the opening film of the 14th changchun film festival, the screening ofFind you,at the opening ceremony of the changchun film festival also won the applause and praise on the spot. Many audiences were moved to tears on the spot.

Take a look at it:Yao Chen,andYili Mashare a stand-up performance

The film features a handful of female leads in Chinese films, with a strong ensemble cast byYao Chen,Yili Ma, a leading actress of the Mesozoic era. The working mother played byYao Chen,is a clue figure in the film. From the shiny, confident white-collar woman at the beginning to the confusion after losing her child, she perfectly interprets the tension of a character from every Angle. Another mother, played by Yili Ma, appears calm and turbulent on the surface, and her looks and breakout role have left many viewers unable to recognize her for the first 30 minutes. The two real-life mothers-in-law acted believably, and for the first time, going head-to-head with each other was like a collision of ice and fire.

Point two: continue the reality of the subject heat to focus on the female group

After the Dying to Survive After that,Find you,is the only realistic film in National Day 2018 that focuses on women in society. Not tasted, more not label, "find you" the mother of two in different circumstances image characterization is very exquisite, and in the plot in the process the problems encountered in their life like peeling Onions layer a show to the audience, which is the contemporary women on career, family, children will encounter problems. At the same time, the film USES realistic and exquisite lens language, which makes this theme more convincing.

Point 3: the story is linked together and conflicts are escalating

Starting with the disappearance of a child, as the story unfolds and the clues become clearer, the fateful confluence of the two mothers played byYao Chen,Yili Ma, and the story and motivation behind the characters, all of which have antecedents. Compared with the original version, the film is adapted in local style, which is not only more reasonable in logic and more compact in rhythm, but also adds a richer story connotation. In addition to Lu Yue's profound shooting skills, it finally presents an excellent work with clear main lines of narrative tension, fluency and strong conflicts.

Point 4: maternal love is the theme of thoughts and hundreds of millions of women super resonant

The emotional core ofFind you,is that there are two mothers with different identities and situations, and only two mothers with unselfish love for their children. Ms. Chen and Ms.Yili Maplay two mothers who break this conventional wisdom and present the most authentic version of modern motherhood -- with the pressures of living conditions and anxieties hovering between work and home -- but in all of these dilemmas, the strength that sustains them is the primal maternal instinct for their children. And this, I believe every mother can feel the same.

Point 5: high quality reputation in advance lock Chinese ten best

In June,Find you,was shortlisted for the Shanghai international film festival's main competition. During the screening of the last film festival, the film achieved the high score of 8.0 on douban by virtue of its super high quality. Since the film started the activity of "10,000 women watching films in advance across the country", it has also been frequently praised, and many mothers' audience "deeply resonated" and "crying to death", and the film's reputation keeps rising. A number of media outlets and viewers said they have already targetedFind you,as one of the top 10 Chinese films of 2018.

Find you will open the screening of "all-female concept" in China on September 15, solstice, 16, and prepare the xiaomi inFace acoustic wave cleanser as a special benefit. The film has been shown in 86 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhengzhou, nanjing and wuhan. In the vast sea of people, "find you" enables more women to feel the priceless mother love and pure love brought by the film in advance.

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