Dantang punk woman! ma sichun “di renjies four kings” will be released soon."

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Star relations news: July 27, by Tsui Hark Directed, Chen, Kuo - fu Executive film Di RenJies four Kings "Has been released nationwide and received high praise from netizens on its release day. The film made by Mark Chao , Feng Shaofeng , Lin Gengxin , Ethan Juan , Ma Sichun , Carina Lau, The leading actor tells the story of di renjie who, after breaking the case of the dragon king, was given the imperial high dragon mace and took charge of the Dali temple, which became the greatest threat to wu zetian's power and plunged the tang dynasty into an unprecedented crisis.Ma Sichunplays the water moon of the alien group in the film. She is a cool and mysterious chivalrous woman, and wu zetian is a powerful "subordinate".

In the film, the makeup of the water month is very special, she traveled alone in a foreign country, in order not to be seen by the real face with a silver forehead, riveted eyebrows covered face, which also makes the water month actorMa Sichunworried: "you may not know who played the water month after watching the movie." From listening to wu zetian at the beginning, to finally helping di renjie win the victory, the water moon has changed from being cold and mysterious to valuing love and justice, and has gradually learned to trust, showing the dependence and loveliness of little women.Ma Sichunsaid: "water month is a very full female role, two sides are very strong. She is chivalrous, but she has her own weakness. You will never see her clearly, but you will remember her.

"Di RenJies four Kings" is currently hitting theaters across the country.

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