Zhu yi long, an actor with soaring popularity in 2018, fights against wu qian (actress)

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Linkeddb News November 18 The entertainment circle is a fickle place, someone overnight because of the good work, also some people because of bad news reputation, this year also have a new batch of actor because in drama and popular, their popularity soared, flow, with overwhelming red trend has become a rising star in the entertainment field, they are Zhu Yi Long ,Wu Qian (actress), Xing Zhao Lin and Jiarong Lv Let's take a look at the representative works of these actors.

1. Zhu Yi Long fights Wu Qian (actress-actress) chong hua Dan. JPG

By Zhu Yi Long Guardian "Has become a huge hit with fans

Before this year's network broadcast drama "the Guardian", believe that the public also for Zhu Yi Long the actor's name is not very familiar with, however, "the Guardian" hit instantaneous Zhu Yi Long, he was one of the plays triple identity, to fully demonstrate good acting, but also capture after filming for a large number of fans and fans, win the title of "the actor" popular, now super topic on weibo ranking in the third, The rising fan base makes Zhu Yi Long no longer the ordinary low-profile actor, but the first brother of the TV series, and he is getting better and better in performing arts career.

2. Zhu Yi Long has become an amazing fan with Guardian. JPG

" An Oriental Odyssey "More than 1 billion Wu Qian (actress-actress) have joined the ranks

Costume dramas "An Oriental Odyssey" is a good show of word of mouth the roof this year, the youth actorWu Qian (actress)in which the performance is particularly impressive, her own young spirit, also do not break xia female demeanor, the whole body of the ancient costume designer show a moving heart, "An Oriental Odyssey" plot,Wu Qian (actress)acting is just right, with popular TV series, More and more fans are catching up with Wu Qian, who has become a fan of small dramas, and Wu Qian's major has been confirmed. With her growing popularity, she has become one of the most popular young actress in China.


" The Eternal Love 2 Xing Zhao Lin's popularity and double harvest in public praise

" Double world princess "First hit lets users look for in a second infinite, launched this year" The Eternal Love 2 "continued on a light comedy style, actor Xing Zhao Lin is The new man and a step closer to god, nowadays, network has not lost television works, more and more excellent network appears in front of an audience, and Xing Zhao Lin as a drama out of The trend of The actor from The web, with ultra-high popularity won The microblogging hot topics, good work has won a good reputation, It seems that Xing Zhao Lin will reap more film and television resources in the future.

4. Xing Zhao Lin's popularity and double harvest in The Eternal Love 2. JPG

Jiarong Lv" My nanny handbook "The frequency of the hot search flow up

This year, Jiarong Lv, the actress of the fire, as the TV drama tsing yi, launched three big series, "magnifying measures" in October. A "My nanny handbook" was exclusively broadcast on youku. Up to now, it has exceeded 600 million playback volumeZheng Shuang (actress, born 1991)Male Thai godIndipa taniCooperation of idol drama is Jiarong Lv is very bullish on a public work this year, at the same time also let Jiarong Lv once again boarded the microblog become frequent hot search "viewing the queen", was even named "the most upstage ii, traffic up incessantly, Jiarong Lv are acting skill and strength to prove their future infinite possibility, looking forward to see more of her job!

5. Jiarong Lv,

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