Warm hour light' the elder sister of 'little beauty

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Yesterday, the super network drama Warm the adrenaline-charged light "Was officially launched as" To our simple little beautiful "The elder sister section," the hour light "since the independence item has been quite a concern, yesterday finally Yu Zheng the male and female lead roles Lin, one and Fair Xing, ", vowed to create a warm sweet funny love drama.

Warm hour light Zhao dry Adapted from the work of the same name by People also ask Director, Fair Xing, Lin one, Daddi Tang, Zheng yingchen made up a lovely lineup to present a warm, sweet and funny young love story.Fair Xing,plays the leading role of situo mo, an oxygen girl who knows everything by heart. WithLin, oneas the leading role, the hot and cold strange students with outstanding academic performance unexpectedly rent together, which sparks "strange sweetness" and opens a new mode of love that is more brave and happier.

Fair Xing started its career as a reality TV show in the first grade. Devil Lord Do not kiss me ", known by the audience, has always been inspiring and positive in front of the audience. This time, she will play the pure and lovely girl simo and put on the "high-sweet" love drama with Lin one, looking forward to her wonderful performance in the drama!

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