Han ARuNa Cannes Fashion Street shoots Chinese faces

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Han ARuNa Cannes Fashion Street shoots Chinese faces

Han ARuNa has sunk a set of street fashion street portraits in Cannes. In front of the camera, she is dressed in a simple multicolored V-skirt, simple, generous, casual, full set of LOOK shows the street fashion range, the picture Han ARuNa tall staunch hold the most popular sports and leisure style, street elements full of at the same time More than one free and easy, freehand show full of youth and vitality.

The annual Cannes Film Festival is in progress. A number of domestic websites have broadcast live through video, graphic, and other methods to allow domestic audiences to enjoy the award ceremony. With the focus of the spotlight, the Chinese legion was fully present, and Bingbing Fan , Li Yuchun , Su Ma , Ma Sichun , Han ARuNa, Celina Jade and other actresses appeared in the 71st Cannes Film Festival's red carpet, adding to the world's most important film festival. A Chinese style. The Chinese actor Han ARuNa (Aruna H), who was invited by Franck Priot, the former chief executive of the French National Film Commission, presented the main red carpet with a Chinese dragon theme. The golden dragon body and the dragon scale cascaded. "Feng Yue Fengming" became one of the highlights of the audience and won the official close-up of Cannes's long shot.

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